May 22, 2024

Niall Horan kind of got snubbed by tennis star Nick Kyrgios! While the One Direction singer passed by the athlete on the way to the Australian Open quarter-finals, he basically ignored him. In the Vine, the tennis player brushes by him on the way to the changing room — meanwhile, the “Steal My Girl” singer totally does a double take. At least it wasn’t Andy Murray! We know how much Nialler loves him. Of course, Nick had just suffered a big loss, so we can’t blame him for not noticing the singer. He’d probably recognize him if they sat face-to-face. Besides, the 1D guy is still a big fan, even tweeting his support to the player.

 Nicholas Kyrgios

@NiallOfficial Thanks for coming to watch last night.

                              Niall Horan 
@NickKyrgios great to watch you play nick! You’re a fantastic player. head down and come back stronger next event !