April 20, 2024

Recently, 5 very talented singers joined up to form a boy band called Why Don’t We! These 5 guys started off as solo artists and then realized becoming this group was the best thing for them all! The 5 guys who make up Why Don’t We are Jonah Marais, Jack Avery, Zach Herron, Daniel Seavey , & Corbyn Besson. Each guy was asked 5 questions about the band and their answers are very fascinating!

So read their interview below, to find out all about the newest boy band!

Answers from Jonah Marais:

1. How did you guys become a band?

We were all friends prior to all of this happening, and I personally have always wanted to be in a group. When the opportunity came up to do this together we were like “why don’t we do it?” and that’s how we got our name! haha

2. How would you describe the differences in being a solo artist from being part of a group?

It’s very different! Now I have 4 of my best friends backing me up with everything that I do! It’s a very nice change.

3. What did you want to be when you were younger?

I grew up playing baseball every day of my life. I wanted to be a MLB player. It didn’t quite work out like that, but I’m okay with that!

4. How would you describe your musical style as a band?

Take every popular artist you hear on the radio, mash it up into one, and have 5 dudes sing it!

5. What artists/bands are you influenced by?

Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, and G-Eazy

Answers from Jack Avery:

1. What goals have you have set out for the band?

To work very hard and be very successful in the end.

2. Whats it like living in LA?

Living in LA is a dream come true!

3. Whats your favorite part of being in a band like this?

My favorite part of being in a band is having 4 brothers that I know are always going to be by my side throughout this amazing journey.

4. How do you spend most of your free time?

Nothing too crazy – I like to just eat some food and relax on the couch.

5. What’s something you have that you cannot live without?

I can’t live without my 4 brothers in this band.

Answers Zach Herron:

1. What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?


2. How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

I want them to know that I respect them and love them so so much, that I wouldn’t be where I am now without them.

3. What was the craziest fan encounter you guys have had?

When I was performing as a solo artist, I was actually almost pulled off the stage by a fan. Haha.

4. Have you guys ever been star struck by another artist?

Definitely Shawn Mendes! He’s crazy good!

5. If your lives were a movie, what would be the title? Who would you want to play yourself in the movie?

I think the title would have to be “Lucky” because I am pretty lucky to be where I am right now. I’m so thankful for everything that’s happened so far. Of course I would want to be myself in the movie!

Answers from Daniel Seavey:

1. What kind of impact do you want to leave on the world through your music?

I want to share light with the world. I want to spread positivity. I just want to make people happy.

2. Do you have any advice for aspiring music artists?

Practice practice practice! Something I struggled with a lot haha. But talent can only get you so far, practice can take you as far as you want to go.

3. Do you have anything you want to tell your fans?

It still blows my mind every day that you all take the time out of your day to support me and my dream to make music for the rest of my life. So thank you thank you thank you.

4. Any shows coming up?

We actually just announced that we’ll be in Philly and NYC at the begging of December! We’re so excited to perform our music for everyone! – You Can Get Tickets For These Two Shows Here: http://whydontwemusic.com/

5. What are some of your hobbies outside of music?

I love playing basketball, skateboarding… any kind of sport really. I also really love architecture and all the beauty and art behind it!

Answers from Corbyn Besson:

1. What’s the biggest difference from your band and other bands that have come before you?

The biggest difference I think is that we are a boy band, but our style is definitely not something you’d expect! We’re really into the modern pop style, but we want to take that to the next level. We each have our own specific style, yet we blend so well together and that sets us apart from any other band out there!

2. You guys just released your first single, “Taking You”, a few days ago. How excited are you guys that the song is finally out?

The release of “Taking You” was a huge moment for us because it was our first piece of music that we released as a band. It was amazing to see the reaction to it online because we didn’t really know what to expect. We have huge plans ahead of us for the fans and much much more music to come!

3. Whats the meaning behind “Taking You”?

“Taking You” was a way for us to really connect to our fans, especially since the idea of us being in a band was so new to everyone. We just really wanted to let our fans know how special they are and take them on this journey with us.

4. Will there be a music video for your new single, “Taking You”?

There will DEFINITELY be a music video for “Taking You”! We’re in the process of setting it up and getting it recorded right now so stay tuned ;).

5. Will there be an ep/album out soon?

There is a BUMPIN’ album coming super super soon, so stay tuned for that also! We’ve been in the studio almost every day churning out record after record because we want to have it out as soon as we can!


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They also just released their second single “Nobody Gotta Know” today, so make sure to grab it on iTunes and stream it on Spotify!

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