May 25, 2024

   fullsizerender-2  Fame was once reserved for singers, movie stars, and television personalities. But in less than a decade, the rise of social media and smartphones has paved the way for a new type of celebrity. One app that stands out among the scores of different digital-media sharing platforms is, which has become a pioneer in creating fame for independent artists.

fullsizerender-1 has millions of active users who use the app to view others’ lip-singing and comedy skits, as well as the option to create their own content. Artists on the app strive to get a crown, which verifies their celebrity status on the app. Most users get a crown after getting featured a few times on the apps featured page. A cool feature on the app is creators can come up with challenges for their fans. At this moment, @jackandjack started the #AllWeekendLong challenge. @jackandjack want to know what your big plans #AllWeekendLong are by you creating a to their new hit song, “All Weekend Long”. Their fave muser will win a FaceTime call with Jack and Jack.


Many of these independent artists that were in attendance at the event have gained their massive followings and their crown by themselves, without any publicity management or labels behind their back. As the app’s user base grows, @georgepadillagp and @violetsummersby saw potential in as a way to connect talented artists from all over the world. On November 5th, this vision came to life as the first Muser Movement event was held in Los Angeles.


The Muser Movement is an up-and-coming celebration for the stars of It gives fans the chance to meet and interact with a variety of independent stars in a similar format as the wildly popular Magcon. Some of the artists in attendance at the LA launch were @gregmarks , @haydensummerall , @dylansummerall , @carsonlueders , @codyveith , @caseysimpson , @graysonhunterg , @nickcornier, @mindofbun, @perksofbeingcarolyn, @calebcoffee, @jasoncoffee, and so many more. The event included a talent show and a fashion show, but the most unique part to this event was the opportunity to attend the after-party, which made the event more personable for fans who opted for it. All stars of the event, including guest appearances by @bruhitszach” and @bartbaker, were in attendance at the after-party to meet and interact with fans.


Thank you for the opportunity to attend this incredible kickoff event. I personally wanted to congratulate @georgepadillagp and @violetsummersby on a job well done. The event couldn’t have gone better.


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