June 15, 2024

Everyone has heard of the hit show, Dance Moms, and if you haven’t then you are missing out! On this season of Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller (The Dance Teacher) has opened up a dance studio in Los Angeles, California. She invited her Elite Competition Team to come to her new dance studio, so she could help them start a career in the arts. Her Elite Competition Team includes Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler, Kendall Vertes, and Nia Frazier. These girls have been on Dance Moms since the beginning of the show and have made a big fan base from the show, so has their moms! Maddie Ziegler has already started on her dancing career by being the star in Sia’s Music Video for Chandelier and Elastic Heart. She has also had many opportunities in performing on stages in front of and with todays biggest stars like Taylor Swift! You will also see Maddie in an upcoming episode of Austin and Ally. Maddie’s sister Mackenzie is also big in the dancing world as well as the music industry. Mackenzie or MackZ is the singer of the hit song Its A Girl Party! Kendall and Nia have also had some great opportunities from being on Dance Moms like being on a magazine cover and performing in music videos. With this big move to LA, the girls and their moms are hoping for all four of their careers in the arts to kickoff soon!