May 25, 2024

Nashville’s newest rising star and one to watch is 19-year-old singer-songwriter Kamryn Palmer from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. Palmer is quickly capturing the attention of country music fans throughout the southeast and after you take a listen you will understand why. Known for her blonde mermaid- esque hair and talented acoustic guitar skills. Palmer also brings soul to country music through her fun, light-hearted lyrics.

Kamryn is now embarking on an exciting new journey!! This new project is an honest representation of just who Palmer really is as an artist, especially the debut single “Devil In An Angel’s Disguise”. The track is a soulful, female driven anthem about finding that guy who is the perfect charmer, but eventually over time you discover “it was like being in heaven and hell at the same time”.

When an artist finds that unique ability to connect with an audience, the rest is pure magic. That’s exactly what you get when you listen to Kamryn Palmer!!