April 17, 2024

As usual Jack & Jack were amazing. They were so nice too! You could tell that they didn’t think this many people would show up for them that early in the day! It was awesome to see their gratitude towards us fans for coming out. They even had a conversation about that on stage with us fans!

Jack J started off with saying, ” I know it’s early, I know it’s 11am, but Jack and I just want to say thanks to everyone for coming out you guys are the realist yo.”

Jack G jumped in by saying, ” For real yo this is like the most hype 11am crowd I have ever seen you guys are crazy out here”

Jack J said, ” I know!”

Jack G ended the convo by saying ” Keep it up, Keep it up”

Then they went back to singing!

They started off by singing their hit single “Flights”. They then went on to sing “How We Livin” and “Wrong One”off their ep “Calibraska”.

Jack J then introduced the next song and the whole crowd went wild! Because Of course they would sing the song that’s about our great state, “California”.

They ended the set by singing “Like That”! One of my faves!

After that they ending by saying, “Thank You” to us fans for coming out. The best part though was when Jack G told the crowd “Look out for our new single in July and our album in September” I can’t wait to hear their new songs!