July 22, 2024

My first Wango Tango experience started off with me getting up around 8:00am to start getting ready for the Wango Tango Village. I had picked out an outfit for Wango Tango the night before, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the extra time it would have taken to pick out an outfit that morning. ( You know us girls have to look amazing – which means trying on 5+ outfits to figure out the perfect one)

After getting ready, I took uber to the Stubhub center and arrived around 9:45am to meet my friend there. We got to the Wango Tango Village line and it was superlong. We were so far we were next to the actual Wango Tango stage and could hear some of the main performers rehearsing. ( If you have never been to the Stubhub center before it’s a sport center where they hold football games, so for being near the stage meant that the line was longer than a football field)