June 15, 2024

The first thing I did when I entered the stadium was take a look around because I had never been there before. They had so many tents set up for this event. The first one I went to was a stubhub commemorative ticket station. There were about 10 to 15 people in line in front of me, so I was in line for a while. It was a cool set up though. You took a picture, got to choose the background, and then you got a stubhub lanyard as well.



Here’s My Virtual Ticket!!

After getting my virtual ticket printed, I went and found my friends and we went to this other tent where they allowed you to enter to win VIP tickets. We didn’t win, but we all still had a blast.

I then had to go to the bathroom because I didn’t want to miss any performances during the show. The line took forever because they only had two women’s bathrooms at the whole stadium. I ended up missing a little bit of Demi’s performance because of the long bathroom line.

We then headed to our seats where my friends and I split up because we had different floor sections. I was in section 10 on the floor!! The people I sat by at first were these 3 guys who didn’t really have a lot of personality, so I moved over a few seats because no one was there yet and a few artists had already performed. After moving over these two moms with their daughters arrived and they were so nice and awesome! They danced and sang with me the whole time. That’s how everyone should be at a concert! You want to feel like you can be yourself without being judged. You want to feel included. When the two moms left a little early, they even said have fun the rest of the time. They were so awesome!

I loved all the performances! My favorite though had to be Meghan Trainor. She performed her new single “Me Too” and it was totally a slay performance. My least favorite (which might get me some hate) was Zayn. Zayn’s performance was kinda boring. I get he has a great voice, but to be a great performer you need to have more than just a great voice and also I will always support One Direction over Zayn.

Another performer that did amazing was Gwen! She blew my mind with how great a performer she is. She really included the audience in her set, which was awesome!

Well Thanks To Everyone For Reading About My First Wango Tango Experience! I Will Be Posting Videos Of Some Of The Performances Throughout The Week, So Keep Your Eye Out On Our YouTube Channel – www.youtube.com/teenmusicinsider