May 25, 2024
Multi-instrumentalist Michael Lanza has returned with his first release of the year with the harmonic and remedying single “Open Up” out now via Hitskope Music Group. The track serves as an anthem to tell others to take risks, push themselves forward and follow their dreams. Blending mellotron chords, bright piano and Lanza’s strong vocals, the song is a triumphant feat in search of better days. Through the power of empathy and acceptance Lanza sees a bright future for the world. In a time where the world is separated more than ever, Lanza performs “Open Up” to bring listeners together. Lanza understands the importance of opening up as much of his success has come from taking risks. From leaving for Los Angeles to pursue music to constantly taking risks with new sounds in every release, Lanza’s open mind has paid off. Since beginning his career Lanza has opened for EDM legends Major Lazor, and Drake Bell, charted #23 on Billboard Dance and had his song featured in the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The key to this success parallels the message of “Open Up.” Since the release of his LP Human Michael has always expressed the importance that everyone feels the same things. He explained, “Human is about the human experience, I wanted to capture the emotions of many of my friends. I want people to realize what they are feeling is normal and we all go through the same things. The human experience is very different around the world, but human emotions are very similar. We all feel the same emotions and we can bring everyone together; it’s a preface to the album.” Lanza’s open mind has allowed him to empathize with people from all over the world. As a teen, Lanza taught himself Chinese to connect with his friends at school. His love of other cultures translates through his music. Michael experiments with instruments from across the world and is inspired by other countries’ music. From playing K-pop violin covers on his TikTok, to listening to vintage C-Pop, Michael Lanza uses music as a pathway to connect with people from across the world, garnering fans from Australia, to Brazil to Italy and he’s just getting started.  With each release Michael Lanza opens up a little bit more, through his music he is able to encourage listeners to go after their dreams, all while making them feel less alone. With much more music on the way the motivating hitmaker is destined to inspire fans from all over the world. Listen “Open Up”: HERE
Michael Lanza is a Los Angeles based pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Michael blends his R&B-influenced vocals with colorful pop, future bass and house production to give his original music an intimate and nostalgic aura. Michael has made several guest appearances as a solo and double act opening for notable artists across the pop and EDM worlds. He has also produced several tracks in collaboration with other Bay Area acts such as Ron Reeser, GhostDragon and KEPIK, and has even received welcome support from The Chainsmokers on his 2017 feature track “The Way You Move” with EDM-duo BEAUZ. His single “Lion”, was co-produced with GhostDragon and Ron Reeser landed him a #23 breakout on Billboard’s Dance chart.
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