April 12, 2024

We are stoked to have you today. Tell us about your fall season so far! What are you up to? 

I’ve been basking in the depths of my mind to create music/art unlike anything I’ve created before. So I’ve been doing a lot of writing, more reading (I love to read), and more self-care. It’s helping me produce work I’m proud of. 

The most underrated part of being creative?

The process—the work that others rarely see or hardly appreciate. There is beauty in it: long hours of writing, perfecting beats around a capellas with my producer, perfecting the mix/master with my engineer, reaching out to people to listen, building writing skills, finding my voice, monitoring marketing trends/song style and evolution— all of this is pertinent in the development of a true artist. The process is tedious but so necessary. 

Biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a songwriter?

Getting inside my own head. For a long time, I refused to put anything out, solely because my music was for me and I didn’t know how that would translate to the world. I started this because it gave me a sense of relief. It was the one place I could be myself fully. When I’m not having fun with it, it becomes a chore, and that’s never good. So when I get too caught up in the idea of “making it” I have to take a step back from it all and remind myself why I even started putting music out— to work through my own pain and traumas and hopefully help someone else in the process. This is deeper than words can explain for me. 

How does social media enhance your career?

It allows me to connect with people who I would otherwise probably never meet— that includes fans, other artists, engineers, producers. Everyone I’ve worked with to date, I’ve met via IG. That’s a powerful thing to me. I try not to get caught up in all the hype that is attached to it, but it really has allowed me to connect with others. 

Biggest plan for 2021? 

To create music that will transcend for decades to come, even if it takes years for others to gravitate to— not just for myself but other artists as well. Really looking to write for others in the coming year. 

Which platforms are you most active on and how do our readers stay connected with you? Thank you!

I’m on IG more than anything so make sure to follow me there @miaayanamusic. I try and respond to everyone who reaches out. I appreciate the love deeply and make it a point to let people know that. 

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com