April 20, 2024

Hey Meredith! So excited to be chatting with you! You announced that you are going to release the star studded single “You’re Not Alone” this holiday season! This song has such a powerful message. How excited are you that this song is finally be  out into the world?

I’m extremely excited for several reasons. The first time I opened up about anything that’s impacted my life to my fans was terrifying, and a long time ago. But also took me by surprise with how many related to the message and how much of a difference it was able to make when people told me they felt less alone. It taught me I was less alone as well! So the inspiration for this project has really been there for years, since my first world tour. But getting to work with artists from all over the world, actual legends in music and incredible producers really takes the message of not being alone to another level.

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new song?

My hope is that the notion of feeling less alone, or even seeing that others have overcome anxiety, bullying, mental illnesses and all kinds of challenges we may think we fight alone will come across when they listen to the words and see how universal some of these challenges are. The reason I’m so passionate about people gaining that from the message is that my own battles with OCD were a lot harder when I felt like the only one going through it. Once I got help, and learned that it’s a common issue that many others have, and got better from, I became so much more hopeful and motivated to get better. It became a lot less scary as well. I hope that no matter what someone is going through, this song can inspire hope.  

Can you tell us the backstory of this song? 

I remember the inspiration was there for most of my career, honestly the minute I learned how many fans connected with issues I once thought I alone faced. The logistics of making it  took a while as well. It started when celebrities expressed their mutual passion for the message I had, leading to the chance for me to work with and meet some amazing individuals who also used their platforms for this awareness. Once this idea was put to action, more talent got on board and it led to us having iconic stars from India, Ghana, South Korea, Argentina and here in the states as well all coming together for this message and benefit to NAMI produced by Gary Miller. There are so many people to thank, and due to the fact that this is for charity that makes me especially excited for the release of this long awaited project. 

The video is amazing as well! It really brings the song to life 🙂 What gave you the idea to include all these amazing artists for this project? 

I was so thrilled about celebrities from all over the world joining, and some of the legendary people on the song from the states as well. We had different studios we used, some were in NYC (The Quad, one of my longtime favorite places to work) and our producer’s studio in LA. The stars from different countries used studios nearby and some of the talent recorded on different days or in different cities recorded from their own studios as well. The idea was to have this compilation to highlight the fact that we are all passionate about this movement spanning from across the world. I’m so excited for it to come out this holiday season.

What was it like working with these other artists for this song?

Really, really awesome. Working with anyone who is evidently passionate about this message is always incredibly rewarding, but this experience was special due to the multiple recording dates. The people on this song are all so talented in their own right, and the powerful platforms that these stars have from different areas of the world is really inspiring. I feel that the movement of mental health awareness is one that’s universal, and I’m so honored to be joined by such incredible voices around the world. I remember when this project was just starting (prior to COVID) I was at Gary’s studio with Kodie Shane, Rebecca Black, Mary Wilson and more who were all so incredible. Meeting Mary Wilson was especially significant in several ways due to the fact that I grew up loving The Supremes (my whole family had) and admiring how they have truly made music history. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions about your new song!!