May 25, 2024

Who have you been jamming with lately?

Normally my band, however, due to Covid that hasn’t been possible. So, I have been working on my own music writing and jamming in the studio.  

What have you been jamming to? 

Brantley Gilbert, Granger Smith, Mo Pitney, and Jeff Bates have been my go to artists. 

‘Main Street Heaven’ is a great song! Were there any challenges in the recording of it?

Thank you so much! The only challenges I faced were emotional ones due to the subject matter of the song. Covid restrictions in the studio made things a bit different as well with the distance between people, all players isolated and seen through cameras, and masked for the entire day was definitely not what I am normally used to.

Who would be the dream person to listen to the track? 

Anyone who has lost a parent, loved one, or friend in the hopes that it can help them with the healing process. 

What has been your favorite reaction to the song? 

I love being able to see everyone’s photos they send to us and having them share their stories with us about the loved ones they have lost.  I love to hear how the song has affected them personally. 

Where can our readers stream the song? Where can they follow you?  

Listeners can stream the song on Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Apple Music/iTunes, and everywhere music is streamed.  Everyone please follow me at, and these links to my social media outlets.