June 19, 2024

This Valentines we have a special treat for everyone, an interview with none other than Mark Thomas! Mark Thomas, better known as duhitzmark on social media, sits down with TMI to share a wonderful message of positivity. The interview starts off with him explaining how he first got into Musical.ly. He explains he saw some of his friends using the app, so he started using it as well. Since joining Musical.ly, Mark has gained close to 4 million fans on the app.

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Once he started gaining a following on social media, Mark recorded his first single, “Selfie” and released a music video for it. He recorded it about a year ago and the music video has gained over 5 million views and 120K likes! He tells us he is currently working on an EP set to be released in spring. After releasing his first single, Mark got the chance to tour on MAGCON. He tells us what being on MAGCON was like for him and how much of an influence Cameron Dallas is to him. He then tells us how he hopes his music can affect everyone in a very positive way.

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