July 19, 2024

Hi Madelyn! Great to have you here today!

Thank you so much for having me.

How do you balance artist life and normal life? 

Lately, it’s been a lot easier to balance since this crazy pandemic! But overall I try to organize different tasks throughout the day that go back and forth from my music life to my social/family life. My friends and family all support me so they make it easy to focus on what I have to get done and then spend time with them also.

Two words to describe your style…

Honkytonk, Tex-mex soul ♥️

What does it mean to you, to be authentic?

True to yourself and style. You want influences that will bring out something of your own. Never try to “copy cat”, but let it guide you to what you want to create.

Is there an overall theme that you are trying to capture when writing songs? 

I would like to say that when I’m thinking of gathering my songs together for an album would be when I’m trying to create a theme. Songwriting is definitely a roller coaster process.

What has been the biggest game-changer in your career thus far? 

Trying to release my first full-length album has definitely opened my eyes to the business end of things which I am learning about more and more. Graduating from Full Sail definitely helped me with this and am going full force for the release.

Who or what lifts you up when you cannot? 

Prayer definitely lifts me up. Working out also is a great stress reliever as well as hearing other people’s success stories. 

Please share with our readers which platforms you are most active on and where they can follow you!

Please give me a follow on Instagram! My handle is @madvicval can’t wait to connect with y’all!

Thank you for your time!