June 17, 2024

Hey Mada! So excited to be chatting with you!! Can you tell us what you have been up to during these crazy times?


Thank you for reaching out. 2020 has been a whirlwind of emotions for all of us! My first thought goes out to everyone impacted from the Pandemic and I feel it is important to use this as an opportunity to bring in our inner circle even closer in these times. 2020 for me as a creator is a much different path as I have had a lot more time than usual to create music. The live element of performing has been pushed to 2021 so 2020 has been non stop producing, writing, recording and mixing for myself and my team!  

Tell us more about your latest release!!


I released a new single in October “Down to Ride” and am excited about this record as it is all about the journey with those you love. Too often I catch myself so focused on a goal or end product that I lose sight of the beauty in the journey or the process. 2020 was a great chance to take a step back and distinguish the forest from the trees as they say. The single highlights finding that special one and going through the journey together becomes a much more enriching experience.

How excited were you to finally release this single?


“Down to Ride” was a special record because it really embodies the way I look at life since the Pandemic. Life is a gift and is meant to be cherished and that gift is best when those experiences are shared and enriched through love. The single “Down to Ride” is a testament to the power of Love. Life gets better when we share our experiences with those we care about most. When listening to the record I am sure you can see I am excited about that special someone in my life! 

You are gearing up to release your new single with Binx. Can you spill any details on this collab?


The new single “Wonder Why’ is one of those records that felt effortless to write. Sometimes songs can takes days, weeks or even months, but this record was the opposite. When sitting down to write this one the song really spoke to us about the back and forth of relationships and how it can take time to find a rhythm. Over the course of the record those feelings of doubt or fear that comes from relationships are overshadowed by the overwhelming love that we both feel for each other. Binx and I have been lucky enough to write and record together in 2020  and bounce ideas off each other and you can feel that connection in the record.

You guys are also starting a podcast together soon!! Can you spill any details on what we can expect from your new podcast?


The Podcast is an exciting next step in our collaboration journey. I have always been a fan of seeing the creative process with artists and for the first time Binx and I will be sharing more content around the actual content creation and we will be exploring relationship themes along with our journey in the music industry. Binx is the most authentic person I know and I am excited fans will see who she is as person as much as an artist. The reality is our lives and experiences shape the music we create and it will be great to give more depth to the music. In many ways the Podcast will be a time capsule for us, but also help to give exposure to the behind the scenes process for up and coming creators. The Podcast wouldn’t be complete without a full 50/50 duet between Binx and myself so this will be a first for us but who knows you may see even more going into 2021!

How do you balance your professional career and private life? 


In many ways being an artist requires having a sense of vulnerability or exposure into ourselves or lifestyle but  balance in my professional vs private life is really tough when you love what you do because it doesn’t always feel like work. Social Media is a great tool to share our journey, but being selective on what is on the internet goes a long way to have that balance. I find found exercise, meditation, mindfulness are all great tools on a daily basis. I appreciate some moments in the moment and opt to not post everything on social media so that helps to remain present. A few things that help daily is taking time for myself everyday, living life i.e. time with friends and family make a huge difference. 2020 created some challenges with in person interactions, but technology has been a major support to keep in touch with my circle.

If you could share the stage with any artist who would it be and why? 


Busta Rhymes would be my numbest one choice. His energy on stage is one of a kind. Busta Rhymes is a Hip Hop legend and represents a generation of artists that delve deep into wordplay and songwriting at it’s finest. 

Please share your IG link and thank you for spending time with us.