April 20, 2024

Where did your love of music come from?

I remember my mom always playing the piano at home when she had some free time. My favorite song that she always played was the “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. I wanted to learn how to play just like her so I started taking piano lessons outside of school. I was a very impatient child and I just wanted to get better faster so I took every extra curricular activity at school that had anything to do with music, like band and choir, starting in 2nd grade. So I think it all started with listening to my mom playing the “Moonlight Sonata”.

What inspired you to pursue music as a career?

I don’t remember a time that music wasn’t in my life. For me it was always clear that I was going to pursue music and I was fortunate enough to have such supportive parents to actually be able to do just that. So I can’t really say that there was one thing that made me go in to music, I just never thought of doing anything else. Music is all I ever wanted to do so I told myself that it is the only thing I ever will do.

How would you describe your music style?

My passion definitely lies in pop music. Pop is quite a broad term these days which I think is very exciting. I’d say my music is a mix of Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga and maybe even a little bit of Demi Lovato. My music is raw, honest, empowering and fun.

You just released your new single “Letters” and it’s gotten an amazing reaction from your supporters. What has been your reaction to all the success the new song has been getting!?!

I couldn’t be more thankful for all the amazing feedback and support I’ve been getting. I love this song so much and it just fills my heart that other people feel the same way! It shows me that all my work that I’ve put into this song is paying off and that’s just an amazing feeling.

Are you planning to release any more music this year?

Well, this year is only two more weeks long so, no, not this year. But I will release my third single “Poison” in early 2020 with the rest of the album to follow not too long after. 2020 is going to be a great year with tons of new music and live performances!

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Without my supporters I couldn’t do what I love. I am so incredibly thankful that making music is enough to pay my bills and that I get to focus completely on my music and nothing else. That would not be possible without this kind of support. New music is on the way and gigs are in the works right now so stay tuned for upcoming shows and releases!