July 21, 2024

Hey Guys!! So excited to be chatting with you!! Can you tell us a little something about each of you?

BOTH: Us too! Since we are twins, lots of people think we are exactly alike, when in fact, we have completely opposite personalities.We have different strengths and weaknesses and together we are much stronger. We’re peas in a pod!! KT: I love music because it brings people together. I’ve been trained classically since I was 5 and then at the age of 13 I started writing music. When we were little kids, my friends and I always used our CD players with our kidz bop CD’s.. and then all of the sudden the iPod Nano appeared, and my life was forever changed. Surrounded by all different kinds of wonderful music, right in the palm of my hands! Technology blew up after that, and that’s when I found my passion for music production. It absolutely changed my life. I was able to take my musical ideas and creativeness, and express myself through technology and music theory. So much joy and light has been brought into this world through music. To share songs with people is a blessing from God, and with people who’ve never heard them before. Sharing music with your friends and family is in my opinion one of the best and simplest ways to connect with the people in your life on a deeper level, and becoming more expressive, caring, and understanding of each other. It’s a universal language! People relate to the stories within them. Goes the same for movies too, they tell a story, and it also changes people’s perspectives. We want to share great stories with the world and hope that someone has a better day when hearing our music, and know they aren’t alone.:) 

CARLY: Music has been such a huge part of my life. I mean, KT & I came out of the womb singing. My mom and dad grew up in musical households as well, so I was raised listening to classics like Jim Crocre, The Carpenters, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc.. My dad was in a band growing up as well as my mom’s dad. Both of them always helped us pursue our passions. My dad helped me learn guitar, and we always had family jam sessions nearly every single night. Like we said before, KT and I are VERY different. But it works well. I tend to be more Type A, and she is always relaxed. It helps us both get things done and not stress out. We are a great duo together. Aside from making music and songwriting, I also love acting for film and theatre. I have done that for as long as I can remember. Something that I also love to do that not many people know about is editing and filmmaking. All of our videos and visual promo coverage is filmed and edited by me. Making art is what I love to do, whether it be through music, acting, film making, etc.. 

What inspired you to pursue music? 

KT: The only thing that keeps me going every single morning is knowing how much music has brought nothing but joy and love into life for everybody in the world, whether they notice it or not. It isn’t what really inspired me to pursue music, but it was music that made me inspired. (if that makes any sense at all) What I mean by this is, Carly and I always knew we would make music, from the very beginning. Music was always a part of us; there wasn’t anything in particular that inspired us to decide to make music. It was the music that inspired us to pursue life. To live everyday to the fullest. People don’t just listen to music because it sounds good, they listen because they connect with a certain feeling and they feel connected with the music. Feeling connected to the vibe of a song is so much more than one can explain. It brings up memories, ideas, love, excitement, comfort, and so much more. Music gives people the strength they need. Pursuing a career in music has always felt like the right thing to do, because I hope to inspire someone else through music. I want the world to know to be unapologetically themselves with gratitude, love, and live everyday to the fullest. Music is my life, and I’m so grateful that I have this opportunity to do it and jam out with everyone! 🙂 

What is it like being in a duo with your sibling? 

CARLY: It is truly incredible. There are, of course, pros and cons, but in reality, it is a blast. Having my sister as a partner in this journey is perfect, because we already have such a strong bond, as sisters do. We grew up together sharing this passion, so getting to live it together makes it more special. Now, like I said, there are cons. We are sisters, so we fight. Something that is great though is that since we’re sisters we forgive each other in like five seconds lol. & its actually helpful in a way, because since we are so open with each other and not afraid to offend the other, if something sounds bad that one of us has come up with, we will straight up tell the other one, “Hey, that sucks.” And then pitch in ideas to make it sound better. Since we know each other so well, we get each other’s thoughts, ideas, and what we are making. It makes sense to us. 

How would you describe your musical style as a duo? 

CARLY: I’d describe our musical style as a duo with the words unique and hypnotic. I have a hard time describing our music with one genre, because our vocals are very smooth and rhythmic, very R&B inspired. On the other hand, our production style is very upbeat and punctual, very pop and electro/EDM inspired. Together, they combine to make a mixture of sounds, catchy yet meaningful. We try to make our songwriting real and very truthful. That is the whole point of songwriting, is telling the truth in a story. That doesn’t necessarily mean the song is based on a true story, but more so telling the importance and truth within a story, whether it be made up or is a personal reflection. It is also interesting because our lyrics and production often work as antonyms; happy sounds and sad lyrics, and vice versa. 

What artists do you guys look up to right now? 

KT: We look up to SLANDER, Diplo, Sia, Galantis, Louis the Child, Labrinth, 6LACK, Elohim, ODESZA, Jhene Aiko, Sasha Sloan, SALES, Flume, Disclosure, Billie Eillish, Finneas O’Connell, Post Malone, Chance The Rapper, Tyler The Creator, Tame Impala, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Fleetwood Mac. 


You guys recently released your debut single, “On Your Mind”!! How excited were you guys to get this song out into the world?

CARLY: Oh, you have no idea. We were SO excited, but nervous too! We have been writing music for so long, but we never had a brand or a band put together. And we NEVER have shown anyone our original stuff until shortly before. It can be really scary showing the world your stories and art. But this song meant so much to us because it was one of the first songs that we had really delved into producing. We were just so thrilled to show the world what we had learned with production. But it’s crazy, because that feeling never really goes away. I say that because there is something new to learn every single day about producing music. Every artist in the world has a different outlook on how a sound should sound, how a beat should feel, and how a song written on the piano will sound when run through a computer. The software that are out today has advanced so much in the past few years, we have learned so much about producing since this song. We are back in the seats that we were in when releasing On Your Mind. We can’t wait to show you what we have learned next! It’s coming soon. 🙂 

What’s been your reaction to all the success the new single has gotten? 

CARLY: It has been a very crazy, fun, and humbling experience. We understand that we have a lot of growing to do, a lot of learning, and a lot of building. Our reaction was almost a sense of relief. It can be scary sharing something as personal as a song, so when people react positively to it, it can be a relief. But we also learned because of that along the way that it’s important to not make songs because other people will like it, but because WE love it. I always mention this, probably too much, but it means a lot to me. I once saw this interview with David Bowie, and he said, “never play for the gallery.” What that means is never work for other people at what you do – always remember that the reason that you initially started working on a project or dream: “there was something inside yourself that you felt that if could manifest it in someway you would understand more about yourself and how you co-exist with the rest of the society, And I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other people’s expectations, I think they generally produce their worst work when they do that.” But overall, we are just so happy. Happy to have a little piece of our heart out for the rest of the world to understand and have. 

Can you tell us how this song came about and the meaning of the song? 

KT: This was the first song I produced being in our duo band. When I hear it now, it reminds me of making simple positive changes. It’s about not giving the time of day to people who can’t communicate genuinely with you. When people go out of the way to bash others for their own self absorbed reasons, all the good things about them goes down the trash. 

It’s about not giving into a guy or girl who usually gets what they want because of the status quo or materialistic reasons. In the second verse, there is a line that says, “You’d still make me feel empty if you were covered in gold.” It’s not about looks, money, or popularity. It’s the people who continue to spread joy, kindness and love. These people deserve the world, because more of the world needs mindsets and attitudes that are excited and happy about life. I know being in the dark sucks, its overwhelming, and you feel like it’s never going to get better. Life can throw some really shitty obstacles at people, but it’s important to remember that everything is temporary, change is good, and that there is always a light at the end of any tunnel, no matter how big it is, and that’s something to look forward to everyday, especially knowing you aren’t alone at all. 

All people in the world have different perspectives throughout life, and everyone learns different life lessons at different times, ways, and reasons, so as humans, we’ve got to stay strong and continue to make the world a better place. More listening, positivity, laughter and love, is what this world needs. With simple changes like taking the negativity out of my life, I’ve felt more myself than I ever have before, and I’ve become free to live, think, and breathe on the brighter side of life. 

Everyone stands out in their own spectacular ways, we still experience all of the same crazy emotions that connect us. Having an honest and real relationship is being able to be completely vulnerable with your emotions, communicating well with them, and how much trust and honesty is shared. People can be so manipulative these days. What’s even more insane is that people fall for it. It is important to stand by the ones who you know will have your back in the long run. 

This song for me at least is to never forget that the people who push us to be better people everyday deserve great things in life. I hope it reminds everyone of what unstoppable bad bitches we are, and that we are the drivers of our life! We’re all human, and people should help each other grow and have each others backs. Whether you believe there is a set in stone plan or no plan, we make choices everyday whether we know it or not that result in the future. Doing the most beneficial action leads the most positive life. We’re human, and we have flaws, but we continue to grow everyday as we learn new things and lessons. Positivity and hope is a need in this world, which is a big reason I love music and comedy so much, it’s the perfect outlet. Though times may get tough, we must work hard and have hope for a better future with the environment, the music/film industry and human life. The song is basically a reflection/reminder that if you’re really passionate and happy about something, and then pursue it while continuing to improve others’ day with kindness and love, you will flourish!!! Forget about the haters and let them have fun hating on you while you do great things. 

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about? 

KT: We’re currently mixing our next two singles, and we are very excited for these. Our next single “moonlight” will be a dope song to listen to for the fall season 🙂 We have lots of other music and shows coming soon, and we are always creating and coming up with something new everyday. Our social media will be having some announcements very soon with more information on upcoming stuff. 

Why do you think social media is so important for singers today? 

CARLY: It is very important for singers today because that is very nearly 99% of fans and listeners come from. It is where singers can network, market themselves, advertise, promote shows, merchandising, and its where they can begin their career. Social media is much harder than people think. It is so so important for singers, because it is how an artist can build their audience. 

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans? 

KT: I would definitely say Instagram. It’s the best way because a picture says a thousand words which is way more than 140 characters. I do love twitter though. 

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans? 

KT: Like it is with my best friends and my family. All vibing and relating to the same wonders of life. I want it to be real and honest. 

What’s an average day like for you guys? 

CARLY: An average day for us: we wake up, check and send important emails, work on production for current songs, practice live sets, write music, and then work on random musical things until 4 or 5 pm and then work on acting, IE audition tapes, acting classes. Sometimes we don’t have them though. As artists, 

our day is always different, but we are always working on our craft in some way everyday. Some days, we might have a photo shoot, or video shoot. Some days we are recording vocals, just producing, doing press, or some days we are editing videos. It is different every day, but we are constantly bettering ourselves as artists everyday. 

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters? 

KT: We are so so grateful for you all. You have no idea. It warms our hearts that we have people like you who support us! We love you guys – thank you for everything. <3 

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview 🙂 

BOTH: Thank you so much for having us, it’s been a pleasure! 🙂


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