April 15, 2024


Hi Kendra & The Bunnies! Great to have you here!

Thank you so much for inviting me to interview.

What is your favorite holiday movie?

My favorite holiday book is ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’. 

Favorite movies are Peanuts Christmas, The Grinch, Home Alone, & the SpongeBob Christmas episodes.

What is the best gift you have ever received?

My all-time top 3 gifts are the Barbie Airplane, my first giant stereo system, and my first Grateful Dead sweatshirt.

The Barbie Airplane was similar to a giant dollhouse but instead was a 747 Boeing to sail the skies.

My first stereo was given to me around age 5 in the late ’90s, so it was giant and held 60 CDs.

What is the best gift you have ever given? 

I think the best gift I have given is a personalized book for my mom and dad. 

I have made them both one before. It is like one of those gifts that have spaces for you to write in memories.

For example, it will say something like “My favorite trip with you, mom was when we _____________.”

To fill in the blank: ‘When we went to London to attend our friend’s wedding at Kensington Palace.” 

Sugar cookies or gingerbread men?

BOTH, and definitely some gingerbread cookies to match my recent Christmas song. 

In the chorus of my new holiday single, “More Like Christmas”, it says:

“I love the twinkling lights on the rooftop / The feel of silent nights / the smell of ginger coming from the kitchen and fresh fallen snow outside /

All of these things can put my heart in the holiday mood, but nothing feels more like Christmas than you.”

Listen to the track here: https://snd.click/75yf

Are you planning on binging any TV series this holiday break? If so, tell us!

I actually have a lot of projects coming up. So I am working on editing those right now! On Saturday, Dec. 26, the next episode of my podcast “The Politics of Kendra” debuts. It will be episode #13 and features the percussionist/drummer Garrett Morris. On Wednesday, Dec. 30, the next episode of my non-profit virtual event “We Are One Benefit” will be streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

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Would rather spend the holidays in the mountains or at the beach?

I will do ya one better. I live in Southern California by the mountains and am able to drive to the beach. This year for the holidays, my mom is in town. The other day, we headed down to the beach to take pictures in our Santa hats.

Stayed tuned to see those on my Insta: @kenbunny

When do you feel you are at your personal best? 

As I am a night owl, I feel at my personal best around 12:30 am. The best time of the year for me is actually all the time, but I do go through phases like the moon. I will go through an awesome series of moments, then think ‘Ok! Time to rest & repeat.’

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Instagram: @kenbunny

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TikTok: @kendraandthebunniesmusic

Website: https://kendraelisabethmuecke.com/

Thank you for your time!

Thanks so much for inviting me to interview! 

I hope you are enjoying your holidays too! Blessings to y’all this 2021.

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