April 20, 2024
photo credit: Josh Premako

You just released your newest single “Faded”, what has been your thought about the reaction of the new single?

I am always so happy when anyone responds to anything whether it’s a heavy response or a quieter response, but this one I had more people individually reach out to me saying things like “This song really speaks to me” or how they were like “Oh my goshhhh, yes… This is how I feel!” and that makes me overjoyed.  It’s a different song for sure… I experimented with different rhyme schemes and sounds so I was anxious about the response, but people love it! And they always come back to me with lyrics and that makes me the happiest. I’m like “Good… they got it.”

Can you tell us the meaning behind “Faded”?

Of course! 🙂 This whole song is a play on the two different meanings we know… one is the more commonly universal known and the other is the current slang 🙂  I just remember hearing it slang the first time and I was like totally obsessed with it, like how can you be faded!? I loved it. So in the song I sing “I thought he faded, so why do I feel so faded… he got me faded on a memory.”  Literally one of the stages of getting over someone is going through that stage where you think you’re over them and then SOMETHING brings you back to them and you have like a withdrawal and you’re feeling high on them all over again.  Like… umm hello, I thought you faded and all of a sudden you’re overwhelming my thoughts and mind and I’m feeling all high and in love all over again… faded.

How did the idea for this song come about?

Everyone was using the word… in regards to ahem… not fading like color in the sun. haha and I was like… I’m going to write that in a song.  And then I was in my head on a separate day frustrated that no matter how many times I thought my feelings for this guy had supressed… they would resurface every time he talked to me… I was like “Ugh… I though he faded.” and i was like… YES there is my song! 🙂

Are you planning to perform your new song live anytime soon?

Yes I am! 🙂 I have a show August 10 in Marina Del Ray at Brennan’s Bar & Grill.  I sing from 4-7, happy hour! Come for good food and drinks… and obviously fantastic Friday KayBe music!

This song is the latest single from your upcoming album. Can you spill any details about the new album – Title of album? How many songs? Etc.

Yes!  I am releasing 6 tracks off of the album, Faded being the 3rd and then the full length.  The song now has 13 tracks, but there may or may not be a surprise track or two 😉 The title of the album is LOVE SONGS… after the first single released by that name, but also because these are all love songs.  These songs are all from a very specific part of my life and they’re all love songs around that nature, so I thought it was appropriate. Love songs (the song) was a song I wrote about me writing all these love songs.  Check it out… it’s the bio for the album.

What is it like making the new album?

It was awesome!  This process has taught me more about myself as a person and an artist over the last year and a half then I’ve ever learned.  The album didn’t start with the plan to make an album. I am a songwriter and I spend HOURS writing and creating and have quite a catalogue of songs that have never seen the light of day and I was getting frustrated at my speedy creative process and slow public output.  I was impatient thinking I had to wait on the skills of others to release proper music… but then I said… I can do this, taught myself to produce and produced a 13 song album! 🙂

Have you had any fun moments while creating the album that stood out to you?

Every time I finish a song, like fully finish, write, sing, produce, record, getting to sit back and take it all in is literally the best feeling of life.  Also, every time I write a song I’m literally like… ‘well, I’ll never write another one that good…” and then… I do. (well at least I’m that proud of it, haha).  But seriously… it’s incredibly rewarding. Also… I put snips of songs as I was working on them in my social media stories sometimes when they were far from done and people would blow up my phone like “omg, when is that coming out?” and I was like… hey, I guess I’m onto something!  That part was awesome!

Did any artists style influence you on this album?

I’m a huge fan of Ariana Grande right now and the producers she works with, but I specifically love the way she has so many stacked harmonies and vocals and I’ve always been about that, so I definitely paid attention to that.  Also, gotta hand it to the 90’s for the background vocals as well. Other than that though, I honestly kind of just winged it (is that how you say that). I don’t know how to play the drums or some of these other instruments, so if I did something technically wrong, I apologize, but I just searched for sounds and moods and did what sounded right to me.

Can we expect any collabs on this album?

Not this album, but stay tuned …

Does any of the songs off the album come from personal experience?

Every single one of them.  True stories.

Do you have a favorite song on the album?

Also every single one.  haha… When I write a song it’s because there’s not a song out there yet that say exactly what I’m feeling specifically… so I write it.  So every one of these songs means something very real and was THE song for me at some point in my life. However… if I had to choose one… which I can’t, I’m really feeling “Love You Naughty” right now… stay tuned… to be released in a few short weeks.  It’s fun, sexy, and a little naughty, but still so innocent. Just new, uninhibited love.

Do you have any last things you want to tell readers and your fans?

Thank you! I heart you!  And keep listening, please!!!  But also… like, give me some ideas!  I need new songs to write… and I need to get out of my own life sometimes and make-believe.  Also, stay tuned… a lot more live shows coming your way, so come out and sing with me!