June 19, 2024

Everyone be sure to get Post Malone’s New song with Justin Bieber called déjà vu. I will say it’s one of those songs that makes you just want to sway your hips and If you’re old enough it’s one of those songs that makes you want to just go to the bar and dance with your significant other and have a great time.


There are two different types of this song. There is the explicit and non-explicit versions. Both our on iTunes now. I think the greatest gift that we could give both of them is getting their song up to number one. With Justin about to head back onto the Purpose tour this could be a great gift for us fans to give him. I am so excited to see all of the great videos from fans attending his concerts again!

Just a friendly reminder guys that unless Justin tells you that he has opened up his Snapchat again he still has a private Snapchat. I want to let you guys know there are a lot of people who like to impersonate him on social media so be careful and have a great weekend guys.