June 15, 2024



Oh it’s ALL DRAMA with Austin Mahone at the moment, isn’t it? As if everyone wondering whether or not he’s dating Becky G wasn’t enough, he’s now involved in a battle of the barnets with his mate Justin Bieber.

Yup – after Austin showed off his new ‘do on Instagram, Justin claimed he might’ve been the inspiration behind the bouffant. Oh, and Austin’s response is *everything*.

Just got my hair did

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Now obviously there have been loads of comparisons drawn between the pair over the years; they’re both fond of a snapback, known for their catchier-than-an-STI tunes and are essentially Zayn Malik’s choreography goals. Well now el Biebo reckons Austin’s copied his mop, commenting ‘I wonder where u got that hair idea’ [sic] on his latest selfie.

And how did Austin respond to such barnet-based banter? By chucking up an old comparison pic suggesting Justin’s actually been copying *him*. Amazin. Plonking the pic on Insta, Austin said: ‘@justinbieber lol it’s all good bro. Your new look kind of looks like my old one though’ [sic].

Here, ladies, gents and labradoodles, is your proof that boys often care a lot more about their hair than they’ll let on. So yeah.

@justinbieber lol it's all good bro. Your new look kind of looks like my old one though

A photo posted by Austin Mahone (@austinmahone) on

What d’ya make of that, then? Reckon Austin’s copying Justin or is it totally the other way round?