June 17, 2024

 Remember that really surreal time when Carly Rae Jepsen was spotted dancing around the streets with Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber for her I Really Like You music video? It was beautiful, we cried, we even persuaded Barry from IT to join us for a quick shimmy. It was a great day.

ANYWAY, we’ve got good news ladies and gents, because Carly has only gone and realised the actual, real-life, proper, official music video and it’s basically the only thing you need in our life this weekend.

 Forget TV. Forget sipping orange juice in the sun and pretending that it’s not still -15° out there despite the raging sun. Forget that maths homework. Well, don’t, or if you do, please don’t blame us. Forget it all, because you NEED to see this.

Seriously, his lip-sync skills are so en point that we reckon him and Emma Stone should have a lip-sync-off or something.

He then announces he’s pregnant to Carly herself (jokingly, of course), before the two join a bunch of extras and actual Biebs for a little dance-a-thon in the middle of a freezing cold street. Because why not?

Enough babbling from us. Here’s a day in the life of Tom, featuring incredible emoji chat and even ruddy Tinder.

BRB, off to watch this video and Tom’s dancing for the rest of the day. You?