April 13, 2024

Hey Jordan! You just released your Debut video for your latest single “Same Thing” and it has already gained a lot of attention with your fanbase, what has been your thought on the reaction of the song?

First, I feel blessed and thankful that people are connecting with it. I write music as therapy, but having people relate to it is a bonus. I am glad some people saw themselves in my music.

Second, I have had the song for a while, and after seeing the results, I am glad we waited until we had everything just right to release it. It was hard holding back music, but it was worth it in the end.

Can you tell us about the music video for your Debut single? How did the idea for the music video come about?

I had a lot of ideas, and after a lot of conversations and planning with my director, Whipalo, we started cranking out what each shot would be. The song itself is about the repetitive cycle of a relationship that is not going anywhere. So, I wanted to convey that cycle. The song also touches on the loneliness and isolation felt in the absence of the love, even if it was not going to work out. So, it was important to show the contrast between all the moments with the person, and the time on my own. There were a lot of ideas that did not make the cut, but I love the final product that we got.

Making it a dual-video is directly inspired by one of my idols, Tyler the Creator, and how he would drop videos. One of my favorites was his “Tamale” video, immediately followed by “Answer”- a total change of pace and display of range. I wanted to show as far of a spectrum as I could for my debut video. That is how “Used To” made its way into the end of the video.

This single is the first single off your upcoming EP. What’s the theme for this EP?

Without giving too much away, the EP is definitely inspired by my time in New York City, and always returning back to my hometown, Staten Island, otherwise known as the forgotten borough. It kind of felt like being torn between two women, with the city in all its lustful promises, and the hometown where everything is familiar.

Any fun moments while creating the EP?

Creating is definitely the most fun part of the entire process, producing, writing the lyrics, and playing the piano. Everything that comes along after to make the EP successful is just a means to an end. The only happiness it could compare to is when I finally get to perform, and share the work in front of people. My brother and I had some fun exploring some possible dances to some of the singles, but I do not believe those will ever see the light of day. We are sticking to making music and music business for now.

What’s been you favorite song to record and why?

I have a song that’s going to be on the EP called “Sleepin”. It’s about the return home from the city, reminding myself what I love about my hometown. The record just feels good, and is a super positive closer to the EP. Making that song was both a literal and metaphoric full circle moment.

How did the idea for this EP come about?

I am a retired professional audio engineer, and I was working a lot of time at BlastOff Productions in Times Square. The studio is famous for recording Stevie Wonder, Drake, Mac Miller, and more. I got to work with a lot of new artists, like PnB Rock, A Boogie, Kehlani, and more. Being so close to the industry, yet still so far served as my inspiration. I also draw from my relationships and how I’m constantly torn between the person I’m spending time with and my music. This EP wraps up these feelings well.

Why do you think social media is so important for teen artists today?

I believe there is a euphoric release by releasing your best and worst emotions immediately to the world. Having that access at your fingertips can be cathartic. Of course that high is addictive.

Although it could be destructive at times, it has allowed me to share my music with the world and create connections with people I would have never encountered in person before. That’s some powerful stuff, and I am glad I live in a time where I have this tool.

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How do you want your relationship to be like with your supporters?

Being able to make a living from making music, something that came from my brain, is a blessing. So, it is my hope that people will get as much out of their time with me, as what they are providing to me. I do not know if the exchange will ever be even, so all I can guarantee is that I am working hard to make sure your time is not wasted, and that I am always giving my best.

What type of music are you leaning towards for your music career?

My music has always been rooted in Hip-Hop, but I have been inspired by my parent’s love for disco and funk, and my own passion for singer-songwriters like Billy Joel. So, my music has been described as Billy Joel meets Drake, with elements of R&B and Pop. As a producer, I love a track that bumps, but I also love playing some keys. I am still heavy into synths, but see myself moving towards more live instruments as I progress through my career.

You are now growing a well known name for yourself in the music industry, what’s up next for you? A tour maybe?

My second single will be dropping Nov 16th, 2018, and probably one more song before the full EP in 2019. We have some shows lined up, and the tour will probably start lightly in the Spring of 2019. A very big show for me is at “Musication 6”, which is Staten Island’s annual fundraiser for Projectivty, a non-profit that provides media and arts education for youth in NYC. The event is the largest of its kind in my hometown, and held at 50/50 Skatepark, NYC’s only indoor skatepark. There are a ton of other great artists from the borough performing there as well. Great way to celebrate the release of the second single!

Any other fun things in the works you can tell us about?

We will be putting together a cover challenge soon, and the winner will receive a trip to NYC, studio time at BlastOff Productions in Times Square, and more! Definitely looking forward to that!

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

I co-founded Red Planet Records with my brother, Stefan Barobe, and the two of us have been working on all of this ourselves. There are some days that are extremely frustrating, but we learn and keep moving forward. Pursuing this is not easy, but the rewards are immense. So, first, thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to pursue my passion. And second, please pursue what you love. Life is too short, and either way it is hard work, so you might as well be working towards the things that make you happiest.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us 🙂

Thank you so much for having me! I appreciate you!