April 19, 2024

Hey Jaz! So excited to be chatting with you! Can you tell us what it’s like having your hip hop career launched by NOISE?

Hey what’s up, thank you for the opportunity I really appreciate it. Well first, I’d say the genre of music that resonates mostly with the music I create is Hip Hop/R&B not just Hip Hop alone. It’s cool I appreciate the help they provide, really do. it slightly takes some of the weight off my shoulders and allows me to focus more on the music which is important.

Your debut single “Race Me” is being released in a few weeks! How excited are you for all your supporters to hear your new song?!?

I’m real excited, it’s been almost a year since I’ve released any music. I was balancing school and music and just life for a while and it kind of caused me to take little hiatuses in between releasing music but I’m back and active for good and can’t wait to release my new music.

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new song?

I’m hoping they [my fans] like the new music and can relate to it, to the energy and everything it represents honesty, and I hope they look forward to the EP dropping soon.

Can you tell us the backstory of this song? Is it from a real experience?

Actually yea, I remember being at this big house party like three years ago, one of my friends threw it, he threw one each year he’d been in the school. There was this one girl who I had been talking to here and there, just had met her a few weeks before that. Anyway, we both were with our own group of friends, gang tings, the regular shenanigans. There was a point where I was plotting to pull up on her and to see wassup, but it was dark as hell in there and the smoke in the air made it hard to see around inside. I’d see her for a good 10 seconds each time i tried to get to her side of the party, then she’d disappear. Somehow I managed to finally find her, pull up an make a little small talk even though I hate small talk, and mind you it’s pitch black in there, music blasting not the best time to have a convo. But, after the let out, we found each other again and ended up linking, staying up all night just chopping it up, turned out to be one of the coolest girls I know today.

You also have more music coming out in 2019!! Can you spill any details on what your supporters can look forward to next year?!?

Yeah I have a few singles dropping after “Race Me” which will be leading up to the release of my EP.

Do you have a creative say in your music? Did you help write all your new songs?

I write all my music, sometimes if I have writer’s block in a session, Gamal and I (producer/engineer) would bounce ideas off of each other to try and figure out where to take the song next. As far as creative say, I always make sure my creative vision is executed in everything I do. A lot of artist stay independent because these labels try to marginalize and control their art, telling the artist what it’s suppose to look like, sound, and feel like. That’s a big problem to me, can’t have that. 

What’s it feel like to be releasing your own original music?

It feels good. I’m proud of my music and how much I’ve developed over the years as an artist. It took time for me to figure myself out as an artist but I’m glad I’m where I’m at now.

Are you releasing a music video along with your new single? If so, Can you tell us about the concept of the music video?

There’s definitely going to be some type of visual released, whether it be a full or short visual is what I’m deciding now. Every visual I drop will always coincide with the music; it won’t just be some random shit happening with the song playing in the background haha that’s happens a lot these days. 

Is there anyone you want to thank that’s helped you get to where you are today?

Of course, for starters my in-house engineer/producer Gamal, we’ve been grinding together for years man just developing our craft trying to get better at what we do. Gotta thank NOISE too for currently helping me launch this new music. It’s always nice to have people on your side who believe in you and your dreams and help you transition those dreams to reality.

How would you describe your fans? – what’s three words you would use to describe your fans?

I’d describe my fans in one word really. Patient.  I’ve been releasing music and then taking these breaks in between, disappearing kind of because of school and my fans have been consistently asking when I’ll be releasing new content and telling me to keep going and not to stop.  I’m honestly grateful for that. It really keeps me going.

What do you want your message to be towards your fans? What do you want your fans to take away from your music and shows?

The message I hope to convey to my fans is to never give up on what you love, whether it be an art, a sport, or a subject in school just keep at it, keep pushing. As far as my music I just want my fans to feel the energy and emotion man. I keep it honest, a whole stack at all times so my fans get the real me and nothing artificial. 

What do you want your fans to know if they ever see you in public?

I want them to know I’m always approachable for the most part unless It looks like a bad time for me haha.

Is there anyone in the music business you are dying to meet?

Yeah to name a few I’d like to meet SZA, Frank Ocean and Andre 3000.

Why do you think social media is so important for artists like yourself?

It’s important because social media is one of the largest, if not the biggest platforms that you can promote your music, and connect with millions of listeners worldwide. A lot of artist went viral just by using social media. It really became a game changer within the industry and it’s extremely useful.

What would you say is your biggest dream/goal right now?

My biggest goal right now is to be able to tour The UK and U.S. My biggest dream is to win a Grammy, while connecting with millions through my music. Also I’m tryna see my face in a billboard in time square, that’d be pretty cool.  

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

I just want to say, the music is on its way, and this time no breaks I promise. No more hiatuses. I’m ready to release this project and start working on new music as soon possible because I have so many ideas to share and so many stories to tell.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview!!

No problem at all, thank you guys for your time.