April 17, 2024

Inner Call 

Release Brand New Music Video

For Their New Single, “You & Me”

Founded in 2010, Inner Call is a four piece Italian band, fusing pop, rock and classic. The band (Lorenzo Nadalin – Vocals, Stefano Danelli – Guitar, Tiziano Ladu – Drums and Pietro Toppani – Bass) launched their debut music video ‘Gravity’ at the end of November 2016 (Premiere on Vents Magazine), receiving worldwide attention from a number of news outlets. 

Now it’s time for a brand new music video called “You & Me”. The music style combines elements of reggaeton, pop and rock. We can call it Rocketon. Rocketon is also a new way of dancing. Main feature of this dance is that there are no rules. You make the rules. It gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves with their bodies, in complete freedom. There is no homologation. You can dance (or not) it alone or in a group feeling your mood. Inner Call invites you to dance the Rocketon according to your local traditions in order to show your uniqueness.

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Meaning of the song: just be yourself.

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