June 15, 2024

How have you been during this crazy time? Can you spill any fun tips to keep your supporters happy and productive during this time at home?

This time has been pretty eventful to say the least but I’ve been doing alright! Some fun tips I have to keep happy and productive is honestly bringing your creative side out. There’s so many entertaining things that we just look over but I know that if we all think long and hard we will be able to figure something fun out.

Can you spill any details on what your supporters can look forward to this summer?!?

This summer i’m really gonna start advancing and trying out new things social media wise. I’m going to start doing Youtube and start making really fun videos on there. I’m very excited to start doing that because I feel like Youtube is a great way to get closer to my supporters.

How did you get into social media?

I got Instagram in 2014 because all of my friends were getting it and everyone was telling me to download it so I did and started posting some just random pictures on there. Soon after I downloaded an app called Musical.ly which now has changed to TikTok. I instantly became obsessed with the app and it has stuck with me ever since.

What’s it feel like to be releasing your own original content?

Making original content is so much fun to me because I think it really brings out my creative side and I can honestly just be myself. Before social media I was getting bullied a lot in school and I feel like I was in a way concealing my personality but social media has really changed that for me and I feel like I can now be myself.

What’s been the pros and cons of showing your life online?

Showing my life online has helped me in a way grow a second family. I have people that I can always count on to help me and that will love me no matter what. Having them is truly a blessing. On the other side to building this family there are people that try to knock me down and hate on me for anything they can think of and in the beginning that kind of stuff really got to me and it really made me upset. I’ve realized now that I’m not going to be able to please everyone in the content that I put out there and that’s okay, I just have to be myself and not let these people bring me down because it’s not worth it.

Is there anyone you want to thank that’s helped you get to where you are today?

I truly just want to thank my supporters for where I am today because without them my life would be totally different. They have changed my life in so many ways and I can never thank them enough. I love each and every one of them.

What do you think makes your fan community/fandom different from others?

I feel that all influencers attract a community that is much like themselves, and I feel like all fandoms are unique in their own ways. My fandom is full of so many creative and honestly hilarious people. They always know how to put people in a better mood and they are the type of people that’ll help anyone who is going through something no matter who they are.

How would you describe your fans? – what’s three words you would use to describe your fans?

Describing my supporters in three words is so hard because I feel like I can’t put what I feel about them into words but if I had to pick three I would say loyal, creative, and dependable. There is so many other words I could have chose but my vocabulary is very small haha.

What do you want your message to be towards your fans? What do you want your fans to take away from your content?

One thing I want my supporters to take from my content is to not let anyone stop them from reaching their goals. Ignore the negative things that people are saying, work towards your goals and never look back and I promise you are going to go far. Don’t waste your time giving these negative people attention because at the end of the day their opinions don’t matter.

Do you have any pre show rituals that help you get pumped up to meet your supporters?

For me I don’t really have any pre show rituals but especially at events before I go and meet supporters I always make sure to look the best I can because I would never want to take pictures with people when I’m looking bad. I have got caught in the past without getting ready and people asked for pictures and I of course still took them but I was so scared to see the pictures later haha

What do you want your supporters to know that you think is important?

I want my supporters to know that they can achieve anything they put their mind to as long as you keep working towards it. As cliche as that sounds it’s true. If you would’ve told me when I first started social media that I’d be where I am today I wouldn’t have believed you. I would have thought you were crazy, but now I’m here and I’m nowhere even close to reaching the goals that I want to achieve but I’m never going to stop working till I get there and neither should you.

What’s something your fans don’t know about you?

I don’t think I’ve really talked about this on social media but for the past two years I’ve actually gone to a private christian school. Which isn’t that cool of a fact but I literally tell my supporters everything.

What’s one word you would use to describe what your fans have allowed you to accomplish?

This is also a very hard question to answer because I feel like my supporters have opened up so many doors of accomplishments and opportunities for me but if I had to choose one word overall it would be success.

With an already massive fanbase your fans must they have a name for themselves. What do your fans call themselves? And How did that fanbase name catch on?

Me and my supporters have been thinking and looking for a name to call them and we still have yet to think of anything. We have had some ideas but nothing we have thought of has been just right for us. So, if anyone has any ideas please let me know;)

Many of your supporters are starstruck when they meet you! Have you ever been starstruck?

I wouldn’t say I have been starstruck, but seeing some people that I have looked up to at different events I’ve had to do a double take to realize who it really was. Don’t get me wrong seeing people who have inspired me to do the things that I’m doing now is really cool. I’m just not usually the person to get starstruck.

What do you want your fans to know if they ever see you in public?

I would like them to know that I am shorter in person haha. A lot of people from my posts think that I’m kinda tall but in reality I’m only 5’6. So, whenever anyone sees me in person don’t be surprised if I look shorter than you expected.

Is there anyone in the social media world you are dying to meet?

There are a couple people that I have looked up to for a while now that I would freak out if I met. For example, Shane Dawson. I’ve watched Shane for so many years and meeting him would honestly be crazy. I like that he doesn’t care what people say about him and that he still continues to push and continues to work on the things he wants to accomplish.

What is your favorite social media platform? Why?

I think all platforms are so much fun for different reasons but if I had to choose one it would probably be TikTok. I really like TikTok because I feel like you can really express who you are and there are so many fun things you can do on the app. You can post literally whatever you want and just really have fun with what you are doing. 

What is your current favorite go-to song?

My favorite go-to song would be literally anything from Ariana Grande. She has been my favorite singer for so long now and I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to meet her and hopefully not pass out in the process.

 What would you say is your biggest dream/goal right now?

My biggest goal right now would have to be to just continue to grow this family of mine until I can’t any more. In the process of this I would like to spread only happiness and encouragement to the people around me and overall use this fan base of mine for the good.

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

I would just like to say that I hope you all are doing well and I miss seeing all of your beautiful faces!! Remember to stay safe and stay inside while all of this is going on. Hopefully after all of this calms down I’ll have the chance to see a bunch of you guys again. I love you guys so so so so sooooo much!!