June 19, 2024
photo credit: Storm Santos

Hey Haven!! What inspired you to pursue your own music career?

Music was always something I loved since I can remember. My mom took me to my first concert to see Shania Twain when I was 4 years old and remember that I looked up at her and said, “I want to do that”. I’ve always had the dream of selling out stadiums. I bought a guitar with my birthday money when I was 9 and started writing, but I didn’t start really pursuing music seriously until I was 12. I started fronting a band doing around 100 dates a year, traveling to Nashville to be in writing sessions every day and take meetings. Then, I homeschooled all of high school so that I would be available to travel and pursue music as well. I lived in my band trailer at 15 with my mom so I could have the ability to tour and write in Nashville, and at around the age of 19 I started traveling to Los Angeles to write for this pop project. Needles to say, it’s pretty much been my everything for a while. 🙂

Did you have a break out song that started things for you?

haven’t released my first single as Haven yet, but I am so excited for everyone to hear it soon!!

With a massively growing following already your supporters must have a name for themselves* Does your fan base have a name?

No fan base name yet but I’m super excited to see what they come up with when and if they decide to give themselves a name. I’m so grateful for the people who have supported my music career to date and am hopeful that the people I touch with my music will grow even more when they hear my new music!

How do you want your relationship to be like with your supporters?

I would love to always stay connected and close to my supporters. It’s such an amazing blessing to have people who care about what I’m doing and the music I’m making. If there’s no one supporting or listening then I wouldn’t be able to do this. So, I am incredibly thankful for every person that follows my journey. Wouldn’t be possible without them and I hope to stay as close and connected to them as possible. 

What type of music are you leaning towards for your music career?

I would say this project is a mix of female Bazzi, Shania Twain and Julia Michaels. I grew up on Shania Twain, so it has a flavor of the confidence she had in a lot of her music. I also love the conversational and vulnerable lyrics from Julia Michaels and the production style of Bazzi, so I try to take pieces of what inspires me into what I create.

You are gearing up to launch your pop career, with your debut single “Swimming In Your Feelings” set to release later this year!! How excited are you to get this song out into the world?

There are no words to describe how excited I am to release this music! I’ve been writing almost every day in sessions for years in the studio working hard and feel I have been super patient before releasing anything. I can’t contain my excitement to be honest! I’m so happy about this music and can’t wait for everyone to finally hear it!

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new single?

I hope they’ll want to sing it at the top of their lungs and share it with all of their friends – haha! 🙂 Most importantly, I hope it resonates with them and is something they can relate to. I feel like most of us have felt like we’re swimming in somebody’s feelings at some point. It sucks to be led on or mistreated. Even though it’s technically a breakup song, I wanted it to still feel like a jam and not just another sad song. So I hope y’all turn it up & enjoy it. 🙂

What’s up next for you? An Full Album? A tour maybe? 

More music! I have a ton of music ready for you to hear which will definitely lead to singles and, hopefully, an album release. 🙂 A tour would be a dream come true! Performing is my favorite part of all of this so I definitely want to get on the road soon!

Any other fun things in the works you can tell us about?

I’ve been in the studio non-stop writing! So, lots of new music on the way and hopefully more performances to tell you about soon! 🙂

You have already opened for some major country acts like Thomas Rhett, Lady AntebellumToby Keith and Hunter Hayes, what were those experiences like for you?

I am so thankful to have had those experiences. I learned a lot about performing and I got to meet so many new people. Doing those dates was a dream come true. Looking back on those shows I realize how lucky and blessed I was to have had those opportunities. 

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Thank you for following this journey! 🙂 You can find me at @iamhavenmusic! Come say hi! I love talking to y’all and staying in touch!! I’m so excited to share this music with you!