May 29, 2024

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One Direction have been collaborating with some unexpected artists lately, hitting the drums with Nickelback and now, apparently, they’re making music with rapper Juicy J.

“We got some stuff we’re cooking up. [Liam’s] in Australia; we are going to get back in the studio and work on some more,” he said of the 1D singer. “We did about seven records that night. That guy is super talented, super talented, you know what I’m saying? And so we are definitely working on a lot of different things.”

Juicy, we know what you’re saying — Big Payno is nothing short of amazing.


Unfortunately, Juicy wouldn’t divulge whether or not their joint studio session was for One Direction’s new album, saying everything is “a secret.” But what’s not so secret is that a future collaboration between Juicy and A Great Big World may be in the works.

Sound kind of crazy? Well you can thank MTV News for it.

While on the Grammy carpet, Juicy was saying how much he admired the “Say Something”singers, who beat out Juicy J and Katy Perry for a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and, as if on cue, the guys crashed our interview to introduce themselves.

“I gotta get into the studio with these guys. You guys make hits — they win awards — we gotta get together and make some music together,” Juicy told A Great Big World. “We gotta link together and make a record together and shock the world.”

Ian Axel added, “I think this is the start of something.”

We hope it is!