May 19, 2024


Last night, Kayleigh and I attended up and coming artist, Greg Marks’ music video release party. It was being held at Busby’s on Wilshire Blvd in LA. We arrived right before sound check and there were already fans waiting outside the venue. All the singers had the chance to rehearse their performance before the fans came running up the stairs to get pics with all of them.


After soundcheck, I had the chance to interview up and coming R&B artist, Lucki Starr. We talked all about her continuious journey to becoming a singer. Right after Lucki Starr’s interview, we got to interview The Bomb Digz! The Bomb Digz and I talked about their musical style and their relationship as a band.


We then moved inside the event and I ended up seeing Hayden and Dylan Summerall – If you havent yet, go check out their interviews. I also caught up with Ricky Garcia and a few other amazing artists. Kayleigh and I then were handed wristbands to go to the VIP area next to the stage. It was so cool seeing the behind the scenes of the whole show.


Some of the artists who performed last night included Maxso, Ava Fratus, Lucki Starr, The Bomb Digz, Carson Lueders, Greg Marks and many more. Many of the artists performed some of their hit singles as well as new songs never premiered before. The best part of the whole night was right before Greg performed his last song because they premiered his new music video for his new single, 808. Make sure to go watch Greg Marks’ new music video for 808! To watch some of the performances of the night go to our YouTube channel –


Greg and I did an interview after the show as well. We talked all about his new song, 808, and the music video for the song. We also talked about his goals for the future and how he wants to impact the music world. So make sure to keep an eye out, for all three interviews coming out soon.

Thanks again for having us Greg!

Photo Sources: Greg Marks, Teen Music Insider, Busbys