June 15, 2024


New Single “Closing In” Is Out Now


Featured on Popular TV

“Just as we are all still reeling from his collaboration with Rick Ross in the powerful Pinned to the Cross release, he releases his new song Closing In. The song features Finn’s smooth vocals over the sound of an 808 that is mellowed by a chorus of flowy synths. Not just a singer on the track, Finn is also known for producing, writing, and playing guitar on his own tracks.” – Popular TV

 “Eyes have been turned towards Finn since he first broke out in 2017 with his hit, “Julia.” Since then, the LA singer has continued to build a following with singles like “Catch Fire,” “Low Key,” and the song he’s released today, “IDK.” With a dream-like production that mimics the summer twilight of the single’s cover, “IDK” showcases Finn’s powerful songwriting and powerful delivery. The moment he delivers the line – “But now I’m saying ‘f-ck that’ / I don’t need the stress” – it catches you off-guard, kicking in like an espresso shot for the soul.” – Hollywood Life

“Youth be the future; the future is here, and never is that more evident than when artists like Finn Mathews release such tracks as his latest “Low Key.” Matthews echoes the R&B glam of the previous decade while adding a thick pop layer that rounds out and modernizes his sound. In “Low Key,” Matthews finds a home within a rhythm so seductive and subtle; among ambient synth stabs, he frees up his tender vocals and radiates a warmth to match his confession of love.” –Earmilk

“Into the Open” is a glimmering bedroom pop/R&B number that shows Matthews delivering that hopeful message in a catchy, flowing melody. His velvety vocals and atmospheric production carry the track. – American Songwriter 

“A rising pop artist to get familiar with” – Billboard

“The catchy, groove-heavy track revolves around a killer hook and upbeat instrumental lines, as Matthews’ silky vocals take the lead.” – Indie 88

Finn Matthews is thrilled to release his new single “Closing In” that is out now and featured exclusively on Popular TV.

Finn says, “The song is about a feeling more than a specific situation. It’s about the feeling that you’re coming upon something beautiful, but you’re not really sure how it’s going to manifest itself. I really believe that every person and thing emits its own energy, and sometimes you can feel it in a very real way. I wanted to make a song that captures the feeling of chasing that.”

Finn has been unstoppable this year, having released 4 records thus far with more to come before 2020 ends, and he is featured on Rick Ross new single “Pinned To The Crossed.” His record, “Low Key has been featured on playlists like “Spotify’s Pop Chill Out” and “Fresh Finds: Pop,” just to name a few.

Finn’s career started when he found a mentor in Elijah Blake, who has penned hits for artists like Rihanna, Usher and Rick Ross. Blake was floored by Finn’s delicate, yet soulful falsetto voice. At 16, Finn moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles to pursue music fulltime. Soon after, he received a development deal w/ Live Nation and released his first single and music video for the song “Julia” which hit over 1.2 million views on Youtube. But Finn wasn’t content to just stay in his lane as a pop vocalist. He honed his skills as a guitarist, writer and producer. And as Finn matured, so did his sound.

Finn presents a blend of vibey pop, rooted in R&B and marked by his signature vocal. Comparisons like Daniel Caesar or Jon Bellion come to mind. But, like his voice, this is a unique sound that is entirely Finn.

“Closing In” is out now at  https://ffm.to/closingin