April 20, 2024
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Hey Ella! We are so excited to premiere your debut video! Tell us more about the song & video, & your 2021 EP release.

Ok well hi first of all! I just want to start by saying this whole experience has been a mind-blowing opportunity and I am so thankful to everyone who has helped me get done all we have accomplished. It has been incredible!So, starting with the song, I wrote The Great Mistake with seasoned veteran, songwriter/drummer, Chad Chapin,when I was 13 years old, definitely a while back. It reminded me of those teen movies where the girl falls for the bad boy, gets hurt, and then comes out of it bigger, better, and stronger. Despite how long ago I wrote it, I still remember the process and how much fun it was to create, and more recently, how incredibly enjoyable it was to film 4 years later. I love the song’s energy and allaround vibe.Definitely something to jam out to in the car! The video, which we shot last month, was a blast because it really showcased all the aspects that go into who I am as a person. All the personalities you see in the video are a part of me and are representative of the fact that I am not just one thing or one genre of music. My whole life I’ve never fit under one label and I love that, even if it’s a bit chaotic at times. And as far as 2021 goes, the rest of the EP will be dropping at some point in February. Until then,I’ll being working hard to continue connecting with those people who are enjoying my music, sharing with them fun Ella K Sol trivia to help get to know me better and sharing my renditions of some of my favorite covers! I will continue to keep everyone updated on release dates and event type things as more information comes out.

How excited were you to finally release this single?

On a scale from 1-10 I’d definitely give it a resounding 152. I was very excited to release The Great Mistake andhopefully there will be many more singles to come. I just love making music and it was incredible to have the opportunity to actually share it with other people on such a grand scale.

Can you tell us how the concept for the video came about?

So, the concept of this video came about while collaborating with the director Brad Ford over hot wings (my favorite) and a Sprite. Having known me for years, he suggested showcasing all the different sides of who I am as a person. As we went down the creative rabbit hole, I thought what better representation of both me and my music, than to highlight all the different sides of my personality, showing I don’t fit into one box. My music doesn’t really have a genre and all the songs on the EP are very different from one another. I have never been a one label kind of person which is why we had the sportchick, the rocker girl, and the other fun characters because those are just all a part of me. I’m a lot of different things and I love it.J

How do you balance your professional career and private life?

I never sleep, ever! Ok I’m totally kidding. Sleep is definitely important! But in all honesty, I don’t have to separate the two. Music doesn’t feel like work to me and has always been my biggest outlet for things I’m dealing with in my life. So, for me personally, they go hand in hand. I usually listen to music or write a new song to get away from stresses or work through inner struggles. It’s all about taking time for yourself and enjoying things that bring you peace, calm, happiness, and anything that makes you smile. 

If you could share the stage with any artist who would it be and why? 

If I could share the stage with any artist, it would definitely be Brendon Urie and Panic at the Disco. I have loved this band since forever. From their amazingly long song titles,to their incredibly insightful and real lyrics that don’t hold back, and their electrifying spirit on stage, they’ve always been a huge inspiration and I love them. They have such great energy and music and, on top of being a real honor, I think they’d be awesome to share the stage with.

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