April 15, 2024

Your new single, “Come With Me” is amazing. How did the idea for the song come about?

Thank you very much! I like to say that my songs are kind of a sneak peak into my thoughts and personality. I’m a daydreamer, so I like to write about scenarios I imagine in my head. The idea for “Come With Me” came from the idea that a guy is with a girl who just isn’t right for him. The concept is certainly something I’ve seen and experienced in my own life. I was wondering what it would be like if I could just walk up to that guy and say, “Hey man, she isn’t right for you. Come with me!” Of course, I don’t think I would ever have the guts to do that in real life, but that’s the magic of songwriting; anything is possible!

What’s the process of writing one of your songs?

The process for writing a song is honestly different every time. In lots of cases, I’m just writing down what I’ve felt or experienced that day. If it’s something I’m feeling really passionate or overwhelmed about, it often turns into an entire song. Other times, I’ll go up to Nashville to do cowrites. I love cowrites, because a lot of the time it’s like two friends just hanging out and talking about life. A song can spring from anywhere, and that’s what I think is so cool about songwriting.

What was it like working with pop sensation Jacob Whitesides?

Working with Jacob was awesome! I was a longtime fan before I met him, so it was pretty surreal hanging out and shooting a music video with him. He is insanely talented and so kind. We had a ton of fun working together, and I am so glad we both were able to take part in “Masterpiece”!

We are so excited to be premiering the acoustic video for “Masterpiece.” How did the idea for the video come about?

I started my music career with an acoustic guitar, so I thought it would be really cool to add that element to the first single I released. We filmed the video in a really chill space, so it was like I was just hanging out in my room again, singing songs on a guitar. There’s something really cool about hearing a song totally stripped and raw.

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

I’ve got so many things I’m working on at the moment. From writing and recording songs, to planning live performances, I’ve got a lot coming up! You’re definitely going to be seeing some new things very soon!! 😉

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Thank you so much for having me!