April 19, 2024

Recently, I got the chance to talk with up and coming boyband, New District for a second time. These guys were put together as a group after they all applied to Isina individually. I got to learn a lot about them as a group, as well as individually during this interview. They talk a lot about the high and lows of being in a boyband and how its like a brotherhood. They also explain how their band is different and why they think they are going to become bigger than boybands like One Direction and NSYNC. They go on to tell us about their up coming plans for new music and shows. – They just recently announced they will be going on the Arctic Lights Tour, so make sure to get tickets here: http://www.acl.to – I am so glad I got the opportunity to speak with them for a second time and I can’t wait to see them on their LA stop of the Arctic Lights Tour!

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