July 22, 2024

Jonas Bridges, or better known as woahitsjonas on social media, is currently touring with the Arctic Lights Tour. Arctic Lights had their first 3 shows this weekend and I got to join Jonas at the LA stop of the tour.

Jonas is a triple threat. He is a YouTuber, Muser, & YouNower. He also is such a nice guy who just loves making his supporters happy! He broadcasts on YouNow every night and ends the broadcast every time with “Stay Beautiful” – its his signature.

In our interview, Social Media Star Jonas Bridges talked about the ups and downs of his career and his daily routine. We got to talk to him about tour life and what it feels like to be meeting fans. We also got to find out his favorite song to do a musical.ly to at the moment (and lets just say its a good one)!

To Find Out More About Jonas Bridges Watch The Interview Below:

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Photo Source: Jonas Bridges