May 29, 2024

How did you guys become a band?

We met in college! Merritt and I did Environmental Analysis at Pomona College.

How did you guys come up with the band name “Trapdoor Social” & what’s the meaning of the name?

Uhh, it’s a weird one. It was one part: “Imagine an underground lounge where all your favorite writers, thinkers, singers, etc. etc. living or dead are all just hanging out, playing cards shooting the breeze… that’s a trapdoor social” and one part “look, trapdoor social dot com is available”… haha

Can you tell us a little something about each of you?

Sky makes hot sauce and plays hockey
Merritt writes sci-fi novels and is from Iowa
Louie is a die-hard rocker and his mom is the sweetest lady ever

What is it like being in a band?

It’s like Art Team. People make art together and you have to find a way together and sometimes it’s really (still) surprisingly amazing and sometimes it’s tough. Such are all things 🙂

How would you describe your musical style as a band?

Let’s say indie rock that fell out of a spaceship and landed in a swimming pool

What artists/bands are you influenced by?

I’m a huge Bon Iver fan, and we love Death Cab For Cutie and Radiohead and good stuff like that. The band you don’t know you love but is great: Cake

What’s the difference from your band and all bands that have come before you?

Probably nothing… and everything. Or vice versa.

Merritt and I started the band to use art to send a message about sustainability that was really important to us… and because we liked writing and making songs. We ran a solar-powered festival for 3 years, toured the country with a solar generator and mobile stage setup, and work closely with allies in the LA environmental movement. I think that’s a bit weird? We like to keep it weird.

You guys recently released your new single, “The Move”. Can you tell us how this song came about and the meaning of the song?

It was an epic jam/writing session with our whole band in late 2017 I believe. Sick riff, Louie.

It took on a fun meaning when I was writing the lyrics. A bit of a song of galvanization for the activists we work with. We’ve all dealt with tough times and I think we’re coming up. I’m stoked about that and the song shares that feeling.

There’s also a line in the first verse that was inspired by a record label that shall remain nameless that offered us a horrible deal, and were assholes about it, and we were real glad we passed on it… We always make sure to work with awesome people and we love our team.

Do you guys have a creative say in your music and videos?

100% because nobody has found a way to wrest control of it away from us, muahaha

What do you hope to gain out of your music careers?

Oof, who knows? Stay in the game? Haha

We work hard and would love to play for any size crowd. I would love to be able to keep touring and see the friends and fans we’ve made around the US. That alone would be a good life.

But also yes Red Rocks at sunset with 2 Colorado marching bands flanking the crowd. That’s a goal

Are you guys planning on touring or doing any shows anytime soon?

YES! We just played the Teragram in downtown LA!!!!

What’s the feeling you guys get when performing in front of your fans?

It’s maybe my favorite thing. I’ve always loved performing and have done so since I was a kid, in choirs, bands, theater, etc. There have been a few times I get this kick-in-the-gut sensation that I GOTTA BE DOING SOMETHING THAT I SEE OTHER PEOPLE DOING and one was jazz band in junior high, and one was yOya and Greenhorse playing a show in LA in like 2010 or 2011. Because it’s amazingly fun.

Does your fanbase have a name?

We once joked about calling our fans “Trapdoor Socialites” and decided against it. LOL I shouldn’t even say it in the interview it’s terrible

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

I love being friends with our fans. People who have supported us, housed us, stayed in touch… those become your people. Your family. I look forward to all the shows and dinners and visits with our people :’)

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

Instagram, facebook, twitter… youtube… dat stuff

What was the craziest fan encounter you guys have had?

Call me naïve – it wouldn’t be the first time – I tend to see the best intentions all the time – but we have really mostly had super positive and wonderfully non-crazy fan encounters. Not too say we haven’t gotten wild together… but no one has ever like… done anything mean to us (that my selective memory has handy)

Will there be an ep/album out soon?

Maybe! We’re having a lot of fun dropping one song at a time… But yeah if we get tired of teasing we will drop an album

What’s an average day for you guys look like?

Ever seen any Bond films? It’s mostly like that

What goals have you guys set out for the band?

See above re: Red Rocks (plus Macklemore raps over Never Stop Listening)

Where do you guys hope the band is in 5 years?

See above re: Red Rocks (plus unlimited free hot sauce for everyone)

Do you guys have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Thank you for giving us a chance <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Thank you guys for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions.

Thank you!!!!