May 29, 2024
Photo Credit: Dawn Kingston

Hey Ellarose! So excited to be chatting with you.

Thank you!

What do you have going on this holiday season?

I am going to be going to Colorado to Keystone. I also am in the Holiday Show at my ice rink where I am skating in 4 programs including a solo. I am super excited!

Do you have any fun projects in the works?

I just finished shooting an episode of Schooled for ABC. Lea Thompson directed it, who I love! I am also Nala in The Lion King, on Ice and we are opening this show this Holiday Show and will tour throughout the year. It combines what I love to do the most, ice skate and act.

How excited were you for the premiere of your new movie?

I was so excited as it had been about a a year from when we shot it. We made the movie in 12 days and so I was so excited for all my friends, family and everyone to finally be able to see the film.

Can you tell us how you got this awesome role?

I had to audition for the director who then decided to put me in the film. I was super excited!

What was it like working on this film?

I loved the film. Almost all my scenes were with Lauren Orlando who played Kelly. She was so great to work with and really became like my big sister. I learned a lot from her as she is a great actress. I also got to sing and dance in the film which I had never done before. I picked up the dancing pretty good because I am used to do choreography in ice skating but the singing was a little more challenging. When I listen back on the songs I feel like I sound so young because I was only 7 when I sang them. But it was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of making the movie.

What was it like working with the cast on this movie?

All of the cast became like one big family. I was the youngest one but they all were so extra sweet to me and included me in everything. I learned so much from everyone as it was a great group of talented actors, singers and dancers. We also had a ton of fun everyday, did some funny pranks and played Uno!

You’re an amazing ice skater as well. What led to try ice skating? & How did ice skating become your passion?

I was skating in Santa Monica at Ice for fun and I saw this amazing skater who was my age. I asked her how she learned to state like that and I went to the rink where she took classes. I then took a class and I was hooked! I skate 4 days a week. I have a main coach and then a few other specialty coaches. I compete all over the USA both doing character and technical programs which I love. I am also on the synchronized ice skating team called Fusion. Last year was amazing because we won first at Nationals! I love to be on a team because I have met so many friends and we share the same passion.

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

I am so grateful for all the really sweet people I have met on my instagram, when I was on the press tour for Next Level and at different events and benefits. I love to see edits that fans make online as I think they are so creative and cool. I hope one day I can inspire people to follow their dreams and never give up and always have fun trying! I also really want to help promote kindness, because that really makes everyones life better!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview 🙂