June 19, 2024


The 1D Boys have done it again. They released “Drag Me Down” ,the first single for their fifth album, last night with no warning at all. All Directioners went into a frenzy mode telling everyone to buy the boy’s new single. “Drag Me Down” became the fastest number 1 in iTunes History. Not only is it number 1 in the United States, but also in 81 other countries as well. There are four reasons I believe this single got the reaction it did:

#1) “Drag Me Down” is their first song released since Zayn Malik left the band. (The single was released 2 days after Zayn announced he signed to RCA)

#2) THE SURPRISE FACTOR: They released it with no warning at all, which made the whole 1D Fandom even more excited about their upcoming release of their fifth album.

#3) Every Directioner was thinking what will 1D sound like now that Zayn is gone. Well the answer is AMAZING!! Their shift in sound is amazing from softer folk in songs from their current album Four to upbeat, electronic heavy elements in “Drag Me Down”

#4) We want to make our boys proud and show them we appreciate everything they have done for us. With all these rumors going around about the band taking a break, all Directioners are trying to do everything they can to keep them together.

(We hope the lyrics are about us —

“All my life

You stood by me

When no else was never behind me

All these lights

They can’t blind me

With your love,

Nobody can DRAG ME DOWN!”)

One Direction Performing Drag Me Down Live:


— OTRA (@OTRA_UpdatesUS) August 1, 2015