June 19, 2024

Featuring her cinematic cover of the classic Depeche Mode track, ‘Precious’, Di WAV yet again exhibits her incredible, passionate voice and talents throughout the 4 track offering. Blending her love for rock, electronic and indie music with heartfelt lyrics, Di WAV creates a dark and mysterious atmosphere for listeners to get lost in.

Something which we can all relate to – a lonely 2020 was the inspiration for the EP “Despierta”, produced by five-time Latin Grammy nominee Marthin Chan and Grammy winner Reuven Amiel. Within these four tracks, you will find a perfect synchrony between deep lyrics and a dark and mysterious sound. A fusion of rock, indie pop and electronic music brings to life a concept that transports the listener to a different world.

Daniela Carpio, is a Guatemalan – Swiss Latin Alternative artist with over 300k streams to her name. The talented Latin powerhouse has released 4 albums, and has reached No.4 in the National Chart in Guatemala (Monitor Latino) with her single ‘Mente Criminal’. In 2020, she turned her hand to hosting for the Latin Alternative talk show ‘CTRLtv’, which was broadcasted on Control Creativo.

Alongside the 4 track EP, Di WAV will be releasing 4 long format music videos which will showcase her music in a cinematic way to give her audience an even stronger image and feel of what the EP means to her.