June 15, 2024

Hey Devin, so excited to be chatting with you, Where did your love of music come from?

I grew up in a super musical family. My dad worked in music and plays drums and guitar, and my grandfather was a concert pianist. I grew up going to studios and music was always around. It’s all I really know.

How would you describe your musical style as an artist?

Organic R&B Pop

What artists do you look up to right now?

John Mayer is always my fav. I’ve really been into H.E.R., Daniel Caesar, Dominic Fike lately too. Most of all, I’ve been JAMMIN some Mason Ramsey tunes all summer.

You just released a new summer bop called “No Worries”!! Can you spill any details on what it was like creating this song?

I feel like all the best songs happen so naturally. Very rarely am I releasing songs that feel difficult to finish. I wrote this song in two hours with a collaborator of mine, Ian Walsh. Then later that day I was hanging out with one of my best friends and collaborators Dan Burke. I played him the song and he immediately had an idea to put in hand claps, and make this super organic bossanova beat. It all fell into place after that.

What does it feel like to be releasing your own original music?

It’s so much fun. The only thing better than creating/releasing it is seeing people’s reactions, and how they relate to the songs. That’s why I do it.

What’s your process of choosing a song to record?

The lyrics, melody and production are always obvious deciding factors. These days, I generally lean towards what I relate to and like the best from a conceptual/lyrical angle, and then tweak melodies and production to fit around that.

Are you making a music video for “No Worries”?

Yes. Already filmed. Coming very soon!

Will there be an EP/Album out soon?

Also coming very soon! It’s finished.

Are there any other fun projects in the works you guys can tell us about?

I’ve got some really cool features coming up with some DJs, as well more solo songs. I’m writing so much music, and I have so many ideas. Can’t wait to keep sharing them with everyone.

Does your fanbase have a name?

Yes. I just ran a twitter poll on this. We decided on “Kennedudes”. Very California. Very on-brand.

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

Nothing crazy. I’ve had some fans at shows recently tell me how impactful some of the songs have been for them, and how much they relate to the lyrics, which is a complete dream come true for me.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

Instagram. I’m all over social media, but IG is my thing.

Why do you think social media is so important for teen artists today?

We’re no longer in a industry climate where you have to get a huge record deal and a million dollars to get your music out there. Social media, DSP’s, and distribution services make this so easy for us. The struggle now is how do we use all these tools to breakthrough and not get lost in all this music that’s being released.

What’s an average day for you look like?

Most days I’m doing lot’s of administrative stuff in the morning. Emails, phone calls etc. I will generally write through the whole afternoon, either alone or with some co-writers, and then I spend the evening producing/hanging with family/friends. Show days are always a bit busier than that.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like walking my dog, watching TV, and cooking. I feel like my days are so busy now, that sometimes doing something mindless is a really nice break for me.

What impact do you want to have on the music world?

I want to reach as many people as possible with my music. If I could inspire one person to want to write music, pick up a guitar, etc., then this would all be worth it for me.

What goals have you set out for yourself in your career and in your personal life?

In the near future, I want to be on the road meeting all these incredible people who have streamed my music over the last few years. From there, I’d like to keep building my career and continue to write better and better songs. That’s what it’s all about, everything else follows the music.

How has this whole music career experience been?

Difficult and time consuming, but the best and only job I could ever have. There is no other option for me.

Do you have any advice for aspiring music artists?

Collaborate with everyone. Pick up tips and tricks from everyone you work with. It’s the fastest way to get better. Also, trust your gut, It’s the easiest way to be original.

Do you have any last things you went to tell your supporters?

Thank you for everything. I love you. Making music for you is my favorite thing, I’ll never stop.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Thank you!

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