March 2, 2024
Dasha shows a new sensitive side under her confident demeanor in her sentimental single “21st Birthday.” Taking every element of an otherwise happy occasion, Dasha uses all the best parts of a birthday and turns them into a reminder of her own loneliness. With the release comes the announcement of her debut EP, $hiny Things out March 19th via Quadio Records.
“21st Birthday” is bold in its delicacy. Dasha weaves a vivid anecdote of aching disappointment, providing listeners a brief glimpse into the balance young love treads between carefulness and carelessness. The somber track reutilizes soft pop elements to craft a graceful acoustic melody as endearing as it is heartbreaking. Since signing with Quadio Records, Dasha continues to outshine through her strong songwriting and effortless musicality.
The single initially went viral on TikTok before its release. DASHA had been sharing lyrics and melodies on her page that rapidly saw hundreds of thousands of views. Fans had fallen in love with her relatability and emotional lyrics of not only “21st Birthday” but her entire discography.
On the track’s inspiration, Dasha reflects, “I feel like birthdays are… an excuse to put a messy history in the past and show that you’re still thinking about them. In “21st Birthday”, the one person in the entire world I wanted to reach out to me, never called. You could be in a crowded room full of people who love you, but still feel so alone if just that one person you wish was around isn’t there.”
“21st Birthday” hones into an emotion we haven’t seen from this budding songstress before. After being selected by SONY in a song and artist competition held in Nashville, the California native got the chance of a lifetime. Signing with SONY Germany/ FAMOUZ Records for a single deal, Dasha released the catchy and confident track “Don’t Mean A Thing.” Her momentum continued as she brought her girl-power-punch to Live Oak Music Festival and opened for a date on LISSIE’s US tour. All of this led to Dasha signing with Quadio Records, an independent label based in New York City that champions the next generation of recording artists.
Dasha elevates her sound with each release. Whether writing, singing, or producing, Dasha is sure to have her finger on the pulse, dually designing her own signature style as well as drawing inspiration from others. At the end of the year Dasha released an electro-pop cover of R.E.M. ‘s “Losing My Religion” amassing over 300,000 streams on Spotify exploring a new side of her sound that immediately paid off. Her unabashed independence echoes through the ease she inhabits in her role as an artist. Never afraid to say what she means, Dasha carves out her own identity, embodying a sound equal parts hitmaker and heartbreaker.
“21st Birthday” is only the latest preview of what Dasha has to offer. Dasha shines in her authenticity, creating sonic landscapes able to bridge the distance between her world and ours.
Listen to “21st Birthday”: HERE
“I’ve always been surrounded by women that are just so unafraid to get what they want. I guess I picked that up.”
It’s this kind of empowerment that suffuses every song on California-born artist and songwriter DASHA’s debut EP. Released by Quadio Records, it features a collection of tracks that confidently mix heartfelt songwriting with catchy pop hooks and a touch of west coast R&B. The product is a versatile sound that blends her California roots with her adopted home of Nashville, where she spent the last few years.
Following in the footsteps of her brother Bardo, (Trevor Daniel, Beauty School Dropout) Dasha started attending songwriting camps, along with taking voice lessons. Dasha opted to build her career from home, working with her brother, other producers, and a variety of musical collaborators, including Pink Slip and Inverness, and regularly releasing songs that eventually began notching up to 30,000 streams each.
After a summer in Nashville, in 2018 Dasha decided to attend Belmont University for its noted music program. There, she met the popular singer/songwriter zyyn, and they released “Heart on Hold,” a pulsing romantic duet with a searing electronic edge. Performances at Nashville and LA venues soon followed, as did an opening act for the pop duo Danny and Alex. Most recently, her single, “Don’t Mean a Thing,” was released through Sony Germany and placed on Spotify’s New Music Friday Nashville playlist.
With her new album on the verge of release, Dasha is characteristically ebullient about the future and the way her voice can both inspire and entertain. “I think about the women who came before me — my grandma was the only woman in her medical school class, and she was pregnant at the time — I think about my mom and my sister, who are so smart and confident, and keep going and pushing even harder than before,” she says. “I get an idea and think, ‘Oh my God, I have to write this song.’ I’m obsessed.”
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