June 15, 2024

Thanks for being with us today. Please share more with our readers about “Give Me A Sign”!

Thanks so much for having me! Give Me A Sign came about in a really unusual way. I was invited by a super talented Italian Producer (Francesco Arpino) via instagram to fly to Rome to see if we would work well together. At the time, it felt like this wasn’t the best timing. I had just lost my mother and I was feeling numb and grief stricken. However, I felt there was a greater serendipitous reason for this invite and I knew these opportunities don’t come along every day. Luckily, Francesco really understood what I was going through and I channeled my confusion about the meaning of life and my complex emotions into what essentially became a cathartic pop-rock song that despite it’s darker tones, is really a song of hope and faith in something greater in this world. 

How excited were you to finally release this song?

I had been sitting on this song for just over a year – mainly because of the pandemic! I couldn’t wait for people to hear this track, because I finally felt that I got the right sound for me as an artist. I was most excited about releasing the music video! I have always loved the mysterious and mystical nature of woods. You can be completely alone, but never seem to feel that way amongst the trees. It felt like the perfect backdrop for a music video and it made sense for me to release it for Halloween, as I danced around like some 21st century witch! 

Do you have any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

Yes I’m extremely excited about releasing more tracks that I worked on with Francesco that come from the upcoming EP “Queen Of Wands”. There is quite a bit of variety between those tracks, you will also find some very emotional piano ballads, as well as a couple of other fesitier numbers. The title is named after my favourite tarot card. The Queen Of Wands represents an ambitious, creative and bohemian soul – plus she has a cat! 

We can see you’re extremely talented, but are there any hidden talents you would like to share?

Thanks! That is a tough question though – I wish I could tell you that I do something really adventurous like paragliding or scuba diving, but really aside from a bit of cooking, most of my talents lie in the arts (music, drama, presenting, video production). I do however speak three languages, English, French and German. I don’t know if that can be regarded as a hidden talent – I’ve been fortunate to have a British father, French mother and I was born in Germany, so it all happened by accident, really! 

When do you feel most creative?

For me to feel most creative, life has to be flowing and gathering some kind of momentum. I am at my most inspired when I’m on the go, visiting different places, meeting different people and every day feels a little different. I feel like my imagination opens up when I’m exposed to a lot of beautiful scenery too (road trips, train journeys are great for this). Of course, for me (and most writers) life situations and emotions are usually what drive me to write a song. However, I have to have that headspace for it that allows me to just hear melodies and ideas enter my head without judgement. As you can imagine, lockdown has been a struggle at times to find inspiration, because life feels like it is in suspended animation, even if you are still managing to be productive. 

What is your go to song to get pumped up?

As you can imagine – there are so many I love! I think in more recent times, I really love Alice Merton’s “No Roots” – it’s just a very cool and sassy song with a very driving bass line and beat. It’s the kind of song that makes you feel confident and empowered to take on the world. 

Please tell our readers where to follow you and get the latest news! Thank you again! Best of luck with your new single! 

Thanks again for having me! To follow everything I do, follow me on:

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