June 17, 2024

Earlier this year, Josh Levi, Austin Percario, Carson and Conner Boatman, better known as Citizen Four were signed to Islands Records. The band has been a huge success from the start. They have gained over 90K YouTube subscribers & over 4.5Million combined views from posting covers, which are a big hit with their fans. The band also just released their first single, “Testify” a few weeks ago and its getting an amazing reaction from fans around the world.

Right after the release of their first single, I got the chance to talk with Citizen Four. They talk all about their new single and how they found out about it being on the Now 61 Album! We then talk to them about their plans for 2017. They tell us how they hope to tour again soon because they love meeting their supporters. To find out more of what Citizen Four had to say, watch the full interview!!

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