May 25, 2024
Photo cred by KK Perales

Hey Brudini! So excited to be talking with you!! What inspired you to pursue music?

Hey! Excited to talk to you too! 

There´s always been an artistic side to me, but actually, for a very long time I didn’t pursue it at all. In fact I did everything else. I have a Masters Degree in computer science and for very many years I worked as a trader in the world of finance. It´s really when, through a chance encounter, I got involved with The Society Club (a literary members bar in Soho) that I became part of a milieu of artists and creatives. Things grew from there, I started really focusing on writing music and eventually it all took over.

How would you describe your musical style as an artist?

Organic, eclectic, from the soul, and not limited by genre. 

What artists do you look up to right now?

Two obvious answers first: Nick Cave, for his dedication to everything he does. Radiohead, for never settling for something which is not innovative in some way. For something more niche, I´d recommend people to check out underground acts Elephant House and Johanna Glaza. They’ve been doing their thing for a long time, they never compromise, they just keep at it, and they’re just getting better and better. That´s inspiring. 

Any fun things in the works for your music career?

I hope so! I am releasing the debut album within the next few months, and I am planning shows in UK, Istanbul, Paris, Norway, Spain. In London I am exploring shows in a dark cabaret format, blending music, poetry, dance/performance and elements of theatre, collaborating with some very interesting artists to put on nights with a very unique feel and narrative. 

You just released your new single “Pale Gold”!! How excited are you that this song is finally out into the world?

It feels nice to finally release this song. In a way it marks the end of what has been a very long journey for me.

What does this song mean to you?

Pale Gold is the tale of someone far away from home, slowly realising how the newfound reality diverges from his ideals. Mournful over what feels a lost cause, yet triumphant as the moment has come to finally move on. 

I recorded an early demo version with the full lyrics in 2014, but over the five years it took to get to the final version, my own life strangely took on a journey that would echo the song´s narrative: My beloved Society Club prospered and folded, I became a father, a long term relationship ended, I decided to leave behind a career as a financial trader, and ultimately to abandon London after 13 years to be closer to my three year old daughter. It seemed fitting to re-record the vocals, along with the rest, after all this. By now it sounded a lot less Mickey Mouse, a bit more Johnny Cash. My voice had grown into the song. And the song kind of sums up these years of my life.

What was an average day like for you?

They are all different! But I try to get up early, and time is split between periods of composing and recording, show rehearsals and planning, some traveling and playing gigs. I also have a three year old daughter to look after, and as there is no money in music at my level, I also have to spend some time away from the music, generating some income to make ends meet.

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

In addition to the debut album, I am working on a composition around a poem by my dear friend and Californian beat writer Chip Martin. It will be a very unconventional piece of poetry, song and soundscapes. The poem itself is amazing, I think it will be very beautiful.

What are your friends and parents thoughts on your career in singing?

My friends think it´s really cool that I am doing what I want. It´s an unusual transition to do in your 30ies, leave a professional career to go into music as an independent artist. My parents thought it was nuts, but I think they are slowly starting to realise that maybe there is some sense to it afterall. I seem to smile more often!

Overall, how has this whole music career experience been for you?

It´s tough to get your things out there and catch people´s attention. Especially when you are going it alone with no label or organization around you. So the business aspect of it is not easy. And let´s face it. You can be as uncommercial, leftfield and artsy as you want, but you still need food on the table at the end of the day. You still need to find and reach an audience. The rest? It´s really fun. I’ve met and collaborated with so many wonderful people along the way. Music at its core is a very beautiful thing, a way of sharing, expressing and experiencing emotions and thoughts with others. It is a privilege to be able to spend time doing it.

Do you have any advice for anyone trying to make it as a singer?

Yes. Trust yourself and don´t sit around waiting for circumstances to line up. Push yourself to perform as soon as possible, and make things work with what you´ve got available at the moment. When people realise that you have a real drive behind your project, that you will push it forward no matter what, they will start coming to you.

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

Passionate, kind, focused, patient, occasionally funny! 

Do you have any last things you want to tell your fans?

My friend Lanah P always says you should be a first rate version of yourself, rather than a second rate version of someone else. Those are nice words to live by. Also, time is a lot more valuable than you think. And yes, check out my music and come to my shows! It’ll be worth it. Haha.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview!

Thanks for having me!