July 19, 2024

Pop-Punk newcomers Bluedive came together in mid-2020 amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. Three teens who found themselves stuck at home with a lot of time on their hands found a way to channel their boredom into creativity. The Santa Clarita, CA trio Aidan Dixon (vocals, guitar,) Riff Gordon (drums,) and Sebastian Landa (vocal, bass) deliver energetic pop-punk while straddling alternative indie rock on their debut, Bittersweet EP out now.

Stream it here – https://open.spotify.com/album/6rfaFnOdaOSptKgUNFqUbc?si=GcT5apQpToiA5VdqJeehIQ

They introduce the EP with the “F-you” anthem “2020” galloping guitars and a bombastic drum groove underscore a hummable hook and the gang vocal, “2020 Really Sucks.” Meanwhile, “Hurt Me” seesaws between hard-hitting riffs and hypnotic melodies.  “So basically, writing 2020 was like letting out a bunch of repressed frustration about the whole Covid thing, which is completely different from Hurt Me, which I actually wrote a year before Covid. Hurt Me is kinda like my own take on the 2000’s emo scene. It’s basically my homage to my feelings and My Chemical Romance if that makes sense,” – explains Aidan.

On the other end of the spectrum, “Andie” moves like a sunny and upbeat bop but cuts much deeper and they end the song set with the acoustic “Peaches & Cream.” “Andie is a tough song for me sometimes, partly because it’s my oldest, so I feel like it doesn’t match me now, and also partly because it’s about a girl. Andrea and I have had an interesting relationship, so my feelings are always changing, as well as my feelings about the song. Peaches & Cream means much less, because it was just an attempt at an Indie-Pop hit, although I do pride myself on how catchy the song is,” says Aidan.

 “Sebastian and I had played together in our high school jazz band so when he text and asked if I wanted to get together and play with him and Aidan I was happy to have a musical outlet after months of stay at home orders, the more we started to jam the more we realized the Covid shutdown afforded us the time to experiment with our music and figure out what we wanted Bluedive to be, that’s where the name comes from, when things seem to be at their darkest we find a way to dive into something positive,” says Riff.

Produced by Huston Haro, Bluedive’s songs are filled with banging rhythms, intense riffs, catchy choruses, and lyrics that will leave you singing along. “Working with Huston has been a real honor. Being able to work with him as a friend and producer on something as meaningful as our music is simply just great vibes,” said Sebastian.

Nodding to influences such as Nirvana, Green Day, The Cure, The Smiths, Alice In Chains, Blink-182, and a Rock n’ Roll revolution that began long before they were born. Bluedive came together in a year when the whole world seemed to be on edge, as we battled not only the COVID-19 Global Pandemic but also civil unrest in the wake of social and racial injustices. They rehearsed, wrote, and recorded with an awareness and a desire to unite people with their music, 17-year-old Aidan, 18-year-old Sebastian, and 16-year-old Riff realize that trials and tribulations not only make us stronger, but they can also bring us together. Bluedive hopes to unite listeners through powerful pop-infused, rock ‘n’ roll meant to be chanted loudly.

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