April 13, 2024

Hey Betty! So excited to be chatting with you!! Can you tell us how you got started with your NBK brand? 

As I struggled with finding products that would address my concerns and also that would appeal to my own daughter,  I noticed while providing care for various children in my child care centers many parents struggled as well with their kinky, curly, coily children. Simply Knowing how to Properly detangle the hair was a challenge and so NBK was birthed to provide the necessary tools & education for better choices. 

How did you come up with the business name Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care or NBK for short?

NBK derived from my existing company Brainy Bunch, a children’s preschool established since 2003

What makes your products different from most of the children’s hair products already out there? 

Not only do we formulate our products without all the harmful stuff, but what sets us apart is our focus on being an inclusive children’s brand, we are speaking to not only the parent but we are inviting the children into the conversations before, during, and after the buying process. We bring both child and parent  into our “Curls In Session” fun preschool inclusive classroom to educate them, and empower them for long term self care. 

What kind of products do you sell the most of? Can you tell us why your clients like those products?

All of our products address several concerns, but the most sought out products would have to be the ones addressing slow growth, and moisture retention concerns. We believe healthy hair begins from the inside out, followed but a good regimen. Our parents love that we offer an overall healthy children’s Multi Gummy Vitamins with Biotin to jump start the process, combined with our array of moisturizing options, NBK is parent approved.

What is your main mission or purpose of your company?

NBK’s Mission is to provide parents with the knowledge and tools they need to acquire and maintain strong healthy hair for their child’s naturally wavy, curly, coily, locd and kinky hair textures. Natural Bunch Kids hair products promote healthy hair growth by serving as a catalyst to teach children around the world to love their hair, their bunch, their way.

What is like working with your daughter on this product line? 

Working on the NBK product line with my daughter was amazing, as I taught her and guided her, she taught me and guided me as well, she brought the child perspective, she corrected me, inspired me and gave me motivation to make her proud when she becomes older.

Is there anything you’d like parents to know about your product that you think is important?

Natural Bunch Kids Hair care  is more than just bottles, NBK is intentional and purpose driven.

Any last things you’d like to tell our supporters?

I Am Thankful & Grateful for each and every one of them.