June 17, 2024

Beatline Boys consists of Tristan Blaine, Chandler Emmick, Nic Howell, Danny James, & D.B. Ricapito. The interview starts off with the guys telling me how the band was first brought together in the summer. They also explain how their band name, Beatline Boys, came about and the meaning of the name.

I then ask them about their musical influences and who they would compare their band to with today’s artists. They told me they would compare themselves to artists like One Direction and Justin Bieber. They also told me they would love to sell out Madison Square Garden like 1D and JB did and from what I learned about them in this interview I believe they can do it. They have the right attitude and work ethic, as well as, the right friendship towards each other. They said they are truly like brothers and they want their band to be one of the firsts to stay together and not break up after a couple years.

Halfway through the interview, the guys asked if I would like them to sing something and I was like YEAH! They ended up serenading me with “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheehan and let me just say I was fangirling hard inside my head. Their voices went together so perfectly. This is just one of the reasons that this interview was the best one I have done by far! So make sure to watch the full interview to see why the Beatline Boys are my new fave boyband to fangirl over and why they should be the band you fangirl over as well!

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