July 22, 2024

Actress and singer-songwriter Ava Kolker has released her next single, All to Myself, and TMI got the inside scoop from the Sydney to the Max star.

Welcome to TMI Ava! We’re excited to be interviewing today, congratulations on your new single release. Before we dive in, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure, I am an actress and singer and have been in entertainment my whole life. I feel very blessed to be in a business where I can connect with people the way that this business allows.

You are an actress and a singer. Tough question, but if you had to choose, which would be your favorite and why?

It is a very tough question, but I think they are rewarding in very different ways.  I hope to do projects that mix the two like a musical series or movie or maybe even musical theatre again.  I used to do it as a kid, and loved the stage, so you never know.

We are excited to hear your new single, All To Myself. What was your inspiration for the record?  

I just like how it is from a fan’s perspective of how impactful an artist can be and how creating that escape through music can connect such a deep connection.

What are some of your favorite lyrics in the song? 

One of my favorite lyrics in the song is “I needed your words today”.  It shows how much an artist can impact a fan with their lyrics and their words.

Having made this record, what has it taught you?  

It has taught me more about the responsibility of an artist and how their words, and lyrics are sometimes much more meaningful to a fan than an artist realizes. 

Who was your producer for the song and how was the collaboration? 

My producer was Manny Mijares, and we have done many songs together. I always love working with him.  It’s always fun and safe and a growth experience.

What was your favorite moment in the recording studio for All To Myself?  

I can’t think of a specific moment, it was just a really fun day.

What do you hope fans feel after hearing the new record?  

I hope they scream the chorus at the top of their lungs in the car and in the shower and that they can let out some steam with it.

Can you tell us 5 fun things most people don’t know about you?

  1. I have 3 sisters
  2. I am working on my black belt in mixed martial arts
  3. I am obsessed with dogs and want to build a rescue in the future
  4. I love to travel
  5. My mom’s side of the family is originally from North Africa

How can people follow you?

You can follow me here: Ava Kolker Instagram | Ava Kolker Tik Tok | Ava Kolker Spotify