June 20, 2024


Austin Mahone‘s debut album feels like it’s been delayed forever, and now the “MMM Yeah” singer has responded to Mahomies who are questioning why his record is taking so long. He says that he just doesn’t want to rush it! He teased that he has some “incredible, next level, monster smashes” in the works. He also said that he’s going to Los Angeles in February to finish his album for good! Back in 2013, he teased a new sound for his official debut, and we’re sure he’s made even moreprogress in the last two years. He’s already released two EPs, Extended Play and The Secret, but we’re anxious to hear his full-length album. At least he acknowledges that it’s been a long time — and he totally sympathizes with his Mahomies!

“Trust me, there’s nobody in this world more impatient than me and I wanna get this album out already. Real Mahomies will be patient with me :),” he tweeted.

We hope it comes out soon!

But during the wait Austin has done Teaser Videos and pictures on Instagram

Here is one of his teaser videos:

Un vídeo publicado por Austin Mahone (@austinmahone) el