April 20, 2024

Baring his feelings alongside Teddy-pal Bubba once again, Bay Area-bred Pop Artist August Roads has dropped his new “Flat on My Face” single. Pop Artist August Roads new single “Flat on My Face” is an anthem for unreciprocated infatuation. (Tell me I’m not the only one who has been there! lol)

Roads’ evolution from accomplished Actor to trending Popstar is catching a wave with recent acknowledgement by SoundCloud’s global team of music industry experts as Repost Select Artist. The new program spotlights and provides artist services to high performing talent on the platform, such as his selection as Emerging Artist on Soundcloud’s official DASH Radio Station. Roads is picking up the pace, having just released his single, “SLOW DOWN” on November 17. His new single “Flat on My Face” is available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

August takes genre-mixing to another level, lacing together hip hop, rap, pop and alternative rock tunes and smashing them into potent doses of emotional outpourings. In his unapologetic  new “Flat On My Face” single, Roads describes falling so hard for someone that he’s willing to look like a complete idiot. Trying to play it cool and literally falling flat on his face, August captures the pursuit of toxic love in his edgy and uniquely comedic fashion.

August Roads’ comical and sometimes vulgar perspective on life comes from over seven years as an Actor in popular television comedies, drama and horror films. For the past year, he has been focused on building a foundation and introducing his music, brand, and messages to the world. In September 2019, Roads released his debut EP Highs and Lows, accompanied by exciting, unique music videos. Two songs from the project received critical acclaim for their placement in Hulu’s original series “Normal People” in 2020. Following the EP, he released three more singles with videos to give the world a glimpse into his multi-sided genre: “Down N’ Out”, “Do the Most”, and “ZZZ”.

Speaking of his unique writing style, August shares, “there is no one genre that can express the truth of a moment and emotion, and that’s why I utilize sounds from different places.” Although his sound can be categorized as contemporary Pop/R&B, Roads music is unapologetically naked and unique. As an artist, he wants everyone to find a piece of themselves to celebrate through his music. Roads reminds fans to air their struggles with anxiety and depression through humor and creativity. For August, music is an outlet to reach others with similar challenges and let them know they’re are not alone.

Alongside his life-size teddy bear, Bubba (who BTW writes all his lyrics,) the pair remind listeners to celebrate their individuality, not take life too seriously, and own their lows with pride.

Save “Flat on My Face” https://fanlink.to/FlatOnMyFace

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8miv1bjv15FXHhRulprIhw
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/53k9djwQ9znUGcpa7zof27
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sincerelyaugust/?hl=en


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