July 22, 2024

How is your latest project coming along? Any fun stories you can share with us about the curation of it? 

AMAZINGLY! I just released EDEN (it’s a BANGER) and we are playing with the idea of a music video, it’s exciting! Oh my gosh eden has been a journey let me tell you… It’s like every step we took forward we were pushed 3 back, either a venue didn’t work, or the concept fell apart, or the model didn’t work out it has just been a lot. I am so in love with how it is all forming though, nothing worth doing is easy. 

Who are you most excited to hear your new music? 

*WOMEN* I want to hear in every woman’s ear! I make empowering sad girl music that is also sexy haha.

Who is your biggest critic? 

Myself, I think we all are our biggest critics, it’s not a bad thing though haha.

What do you critique the most about yourself? 

My work ethic. I feel like if I’m not working like a horse then I’m failing…. I’m working on that.

How do you keep sure you’re not so hard on yourself? 

LOL…. Yeahhhh still working on that! 

What is the most important lesson an artist should know when they feel like their art is not good enough? 

We will never 100% be ready to put something out there… There will always be ONE THING… You have to let it go, baby. People deserve to see and hear what you have to offer. 

Where can fans go and stream your music and follow you?

SO! Find me on alllll socials @athxnaofficial!